Town of Twin Brooks Proceedings

Town of Twin Brooks Council Proceedings

    The Town of Twin Brooks conducted its monthly meeting September 10, 2019, with Wiseman, Porath and Wellnitz in attendance. Wiseman called the meeting to order. Minutes of the last meeting were read and approved.
    A motion was made by Porath and seconded by Wiseman to approve a computer for the finance officer.
    A motion was made by Porath and seconded by Wellnitz to approve the transfer of Gunslinger’s Bar alcoholic licenses to Twin Brooks Bar and Grill LLC.
    A motion was made by Wellnitz and seconded by Wiseman to decline a Cease and Desist request sent to the Town Board stating “Porath has commenced construction of a building on the alley right of way behind his house.” After reviewing surveyed plot line, the building was not in violation. Porath recused himself from the vote.
    Bills to be paid: Grant County Review, 15.83; Twin Valley Tire, 26.00; Kibble Equipment, 428.34; Grant Roberts Rural Water, 48.00; J & J Earthworks, 211.14; UPI, 45.00; Whetstone Home Center, 142.99; Coester Schwandt Law, 131.00.
    Meeting was adjourned and seconded. Next meeting is set for October 8, 2019 at 7:30 p.m.
Paul T. Spolar
Finance Officer
    Published once at an approximate cost of $12.72.


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