Town of Twin Brooks Council Proceedings, November 10, 2020

Town of Twin Brooks Council Proceedings
The Town of Twin Brooks conducted its monthly meeting November 10, 2020 with Wiseman and Porath in attendance. Porath called the meeting to order.
Minutes of the last meeting were read and approved.
A motion was made by Wiseman and seconded by Porath to approve the Finance Report.
A committee was approved to have the Finance Officer submit appraisals for ballfield lots at the next meeting.
Shirone and True Life Music reserved the Community Town Hall on December 12, 2020 for a Gospel Christmas at 1 p.m.
Bills to be paid: Grant Roberts Rural Water 48.00; Otter Tail 256.91; Grant County Review 19.40; Coester Schwandt Law 218.75; and SD Municipal League 88.19.
Meeting was adjourned and seconded. Next meeting is set for December 8, 2020 at 7:30 p.m.
Paul T. Spolar
Finance Officer


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