Summit School District 54-6 Board Proceedings

Summit School District 54-6 Board Proceedings


December 11, 2019
Members present: Lisa Amdahl, Mark Miller, Carrie Rauen, Joe Johnston and Ferdy Zirbel. Also present: Mike Schmidt, Andi Ward, Nicole Bloom, Megan Okroi, Nancy Purdy and Becky Hubsch.
At 6:00 p.m. Chairman Zirbel called the meeting to order. No Conflict of Interest was recognized.
20067 Motion by Johnston second by Miller to approve the agenda as written.  All voted aye. Motion carried.
Public Communications: Nicole Bloom presented the Title I parent, staff, and student surveys. Results are located in the office. Nancy Purdy and Megan Okroi presented the online teacher curriculum lesson plan book, the new math curriculum website and the mystery science website.  
20068 Motion by Rauen Second by Amdahl to enter into Executive Session for the purpose of student issue (SDCL 1-25-2:2). Chairman Zirbel declared them out of executive session at 6:55 p.m.  
20069 Motion by Miller Second by Amdahl to approve the November 20, 2019 special meeting minutes. All voted aye. Motion carried.  
20070 Motion by Amdahl Second by Rauen to approve the financial statements.  All voted aye. Motion carried.  
20071 Motion by Johnston Second by Rauen to approve the monthly claims for the month of December 2019.  All voted aye. 
CASH Petty Cash-for postage 95.86; CENTURY BUSINESS copies 281.15; CHURCHILL, MANOLIS, FREEMAN legal services 464.53; COFFEE CUP transportation fuel 3,232.86; DALE’S ALIGNMENT SERVICE bus repair 526.64; DUENWALD, DAN asbestos inspection 400.00; FOOD SERVICE board supplies 24.50; GRANT COUNTY REVIEW publications 63.28; HILLYARD gym floor, supplies, repair vacuum 3,645.66; IMPREST vball refs, OI travel, Ottertail, board travel 3,146.15; MILBANK GLASS & MORE bus barn repair 270.41; NESC services 20.28; NORTHSIDE IMPLEMENT transportation parts 383.47; PEREBOOM’S CAFE fall sports banquet 362.81; PLUNKETT’S PEST CONTROL pest control 353.44; RAMKOTA HOTEL-PIERRE board travel 108.82; RC TECHNOLOGIES phone services 309.11; REPORTER & FARMER fall sports plaques 278.60; STURDEVANT’S parts 7.16; TIME MANAGEMENT SYSTEMS office services 93.00; TOWN OF SUMMIT water, garbage, sewer 393.84; TRI STATE WATER softener 235.00; US FOODS fall sports supplies 18.20; USF STUDENT ACCOUNTS Superintendent class 1,230.00; VALLEY OFFICE PRODUCTS printer 330.00; VISA all state, supplies, ost, transportation 1,942.37; PAYROLL Salaries 85,128.58 Benefits 21,395.30
Fund Total 124,741.02
CENTURY BUSINESS lease 292.83; K-LOG student stage 4,038.09; L. MARQUARDT ELECTRIC security cameras 6,636.50; MERTZ FENCING playground fence 14,224.88; NORTHERN STATE UNIVERSITY curriculum books 839.95; RIVERSIDE TECHNOLOGIES computers 1,336.00; VISA chair 39.99;
Fund Total 27,408.24
CWD sped supplies 41.44; NESC services 6,070.30; PAYROLL salaries 9,608.08 benefits 1,938.51
Fund Total 17,658.33
CHILD & ADULT NUTRITION food 485.07; SERVICESCWD food 2,309.39; DEAN FOODS milk 594.91; EARTHGRAINS BAKING food 349.83; HUBSCH, REBECCA reimburse kitchen 35.53; NETWORK SERVICES COMPANY kitchen supplies 297.48; PEARSON, NANCY reimburse kitchen supplies 50.00; US FOODS food 1,109.83; VISA food 79.48; PAYROLL salaries 4,493.25 benefits 606.49
Fund Total 10,411.26
Total 180,218.85
Superintendent’s Report: Mr. Schmidt discussed Governor’s budget address; Civil Rights review on April 8; fence project is completed; recognized Junior Zoryana Motyka who received a superior at the state Oral Interpretation contest; and Mr. Schmidt sent out Impact Aid surveys.
Business Officer’s Report: Mrs. Hubsch thanked Derrick Rauen for coming to the school and helping set up the new stage; the student holiday program was successfully performed on December 9 and each student received a holiday gift after the performance, and ESSA survey form and MOE reporting will be completed this month. Mrs. Hubsch presented the procurement plan and supplemental budget #FY20.1.
Dean of Students Report: Mrs. Ward reported multiple students are taking the accuplacer test and participating on college visits; vocational rehabilitation program will be visiting the school and discussion college technology prep; and Special Education December count is completed. 
20072 Motion by Johnston Second by Miller to Enter into Executive Session for the purpose of discussing personnel, (SDCL 1-25-2:1) at 7:34pm.  Chairman Zirbel declares them out of executive session at 8:06 pm.
20073 Motion by Johnston Second by Amdahl to approve 5 open enrollment applications.  All voted aye. Motion carried. 
20074 Motion by Rauen Second by Amdahl to approve Title I Parent Compact and Parent Involvement policy.  All voted aye. Motion carried. 
20075 Motion by Rauen Second by Miller to approve the contract for Katie Zirbel as a general paraprofessional for $12.50/hour for the 2019-2020 school year. All voted aye. Motion carried. 
20076 Motion by Amdahl Second by Johnston to approve the adoption of supplemental budget #FY20.1 All voted aye. Motion carried.
LET IT BE RESOLVED, that the School Board of the Summit School District, in accordance with SDCL 13-11-3.2 and after duly considering the proposed supplemental budget, hereby approves and adopts the following supplemental budget in total:
10-3500-509-112, Salaries, $980.00
10-3500-509-220, Benefits, $119.00
10-3500-509-334, Travel, $2,391.00
10-2214-514-112, Salaries, $9,195.00
10-2214-514-210, Benefits, $1,164.66
10-2214-514-220, Benefits, $74.34
10-2214-514-319, Specialized Services, 
10-1273-514-411, Supplies, $3,000.00
10-1111-000-412, Salaries, $7,600.00
10-1111-000-210, Benefits, $582.00
10-1111-000-220, Benefits, $456.00
Fund Total $27,328.00
21-2549-000-530, stage, $4,038.09
Fund Total $4,038.09
Fund Balance $  8,638.00
21st CCLC Grant $  3,490.00
Title I 1003 Grant $15,200.00
Fund Balance $  3,038.09
Donation $  1,000.00
Ferdy Zirbel, Chairman
Becky Hubsch, Business Manager
20077 Motion by Miller Second by Rauen to adjourn the December meeting at 8:11pm. All voted aye. Motion carried.
The next regular scheduled board meeting will be on Wednesday, January 15, at 6:00 pm in the School Library. 
Business Manager


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