Residents Cautioned Against Coronavirus-related Scams

Residents Cautioned Against
Coronavirus-related Scams
Jason Ravnsborg, South Dakota attorney general, warns residents that there are scam artists taking advantage of the current coronavirus fears. The Division of Consumer Protection warns that other states have already seen scams using the coronavirus, including a report of one involving a supposed automatic credit or bank charge for a coronavirus test kit, which can only be canceled and refunded if the unsuspecting victims will verify their account information and mailing address. 
“Sadly, with every national emergency or disaster, con artists will be trying to take advantage of people during this time of need,” Ravnsborg said. “Please verify anyone soliciting you while claiming to represent a charity or aid organization. When in doubt, request extra verification, ask more questions and contact our Division of Consumer Protection.” 
Ravnsborg provided the following tips to help South Dakota citizens avoid scams: 
• Be alert to phishing emails – ones that appear to come from legitimate government agencies such as the Centers for Disease Control, especially if the email encourages you to click on a link for more information. Simply delete them without response. 
• Ignore phone calls, emails, advertising for mail items offering a miracle cure for, or protection against, coronavirus. These are scams. There are currently no vaccines or cures. When one is available, residents can be sure that the appropriate government agencies will promptly provide information to the public. When receiving these calls do not press a number to be removed from the calling list. 
• Don’t be fooled by calls or text messages claiming that you are required to pay for the testing or to provide personal information as part of the government response to the coronavirus. These are scams. Be vigilant about not giving your personal information via phone or other means, as you do not know to whom you are giving it. 
• Businesses should be aware that the Google scam is prevalent at this time. The recorded message asked you to verify your google account, and that failure to do so will result in your business name being dropped from Google. This is a scam. Do not press any key to talk to someone or to be removed from the calling list. 
• Beware of unauthorized or fraudulent charities or solicitations. Bogus charities will try to solicit donations during these emergencies. Do not donate any funds without doing your homework by visiting 
The public is asked to contact the attorney general’s Consumer Protection Division at 1-800-300-1986 or email if they have concerns or suspect fraud. They may also visit 



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