This is notice to the public that Kristopher Evje, Milbank School District’s Special Services Director, is responsible for the coordination, implementation and documentation of the district’s child find system. It is very important to provide educational assistance to children in need at the earliest possible age. Children can receive services prior to reaching school age. If you as a parent or concerned citizen are aware of children who may be in need of services please call 432-4393 and ask for Kristopher Evje. The school district offers a full range of special programs for those, birth through 21, who qualify under the federal law of IDEA and Administrative Rules of South Dakota 24:05. The most common services available, along with a brief description of each, include:
A. Speech and Language Therapy
Individual communication disorders are identified and services provided to those in need.
B. Early Childhood
Both school and home based programs are provided to preschool children ages birth – five in need of special assistance due to developmental delay, physical impairments, social-emotional difficulties, and language difficulties.
C. School Psychology Assistance
Psychoeducational assessments and programming recommendations are provided to students in need of special education due to learning disabilities, developmental delay, physical, vision, or hearing impairments, social-emotional, and behavioral difficulties.  Consultation is available to school staff, students and parents.
D. Inclusion & Resource Assistance
Educational services designed to meet the needs of the individual students.
E. Occupational and Physical Therapy
These services are available to children who otherwise may not benefit from instruction without them.
Any student, parent, or interested individual may contact the special services director or a building principal to learn about the laws, procedures, programs or to make a referral. A referral is a simple process of making the director or a principal aware of the student’s educational problem and making a statement that you would like to make a referral. Before a student is evaluated, parents are informed of the process and permission is obtained. A copy of the school district’s Special Education Comprehensive Plan is available for examination in the offices of the Superintendent of Schools or the Special Services Director.


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