Milbank School District Board Proceedings

October 14, 2019
President Richard Schwandt called the meeting to order at 7:00 PM in the board room of the high school building.  The Pledge of Allegiance was said. Members present were Upton, Christensen, Thue, Stengel and Schwandt.  Superintendent Justin Downes and Business Manager Nancy Meyer were also in attendance. Guests present were Kris Evje, Deb Hemmer, Keri Schliesman, Dave Graf, Dan Snaza and Kathy Ward.
Motion by Thue and seconded by Christensen to approve the agenda as presented. Motion carried 5-0
  No one address the Board during the Community Input Session. 
The school spotlight featured improving communication efforts with our Spanish speaking population through use of iPads, headset worn by the teacher and translation app.  
Discussion items were: Milbank Booster Club, 2019-20 Calendar, Building Project Progress, Playground Project, District Valuation, Mentorship Program and 8th Grade Field Trip.
Motion by Upton and seconded by Stengel to approve the consent agenda.  Motion carried. 5-0
Items included were:
Approve minutes of the September meeting.
Receive Business Manager Financial Reports
Business Manager’s Monthly Report: General Fund: Balance 9-1-19, $2,705,421.73. Revenues: Taxes, $15,009.13; Interest, $1,105.87; Local Misc, $16,669.05; County Apportionment, $281.41; State Aid, $198,837.00; Federal Sources, $2,080.47. Expenditures: Salaries-Instructional, $275,580.43; Salaries-Support Services, $112,752.47; Salaries-Co-Curricular, $22,370.81; Benefits-Instructional, $81,715.58; Benefits-Support Services, $50,776.93; Benefits-Co-Curricular, $3,224.31; Purchased Services, $60,600.15; Supplies, $57,781.50; Other, $937.04. Journal Entries, $195,859.23. Balance 9-30-19, $2,469,524.67.
Capital Outlay Fund: Balance 9-1-19, $373,657.72. Revenues: Taxes, $6,399.79; Interest, $152.82. Expenditures: Purchased Services, $4,578.57; Supplies, $110,875.70; Capital Acquisitions, $130,990.38. Balance 9-30-19, $133,765.68.
Special Education Fund: Balance 9-1-19, $183,770.68. Revenues: Taxes, $5,807.81; Interest, $75.16. Expenditures: Salaries-Instructional, $75,990.65; Salaries-Support Services, $30,586.15; Benefits-Instructional, $23,190.48; Benefits-Support Services, $7,893.01; Purchased Services, $29,991.44; Supplies, $2,001.30; Other, $369.00. Balance 9-30-19, $19,631.62.
Pension Fund: Balance 9-1-19, $472,604.14. Revenues: Interest, $193.92. Balance 9-30-19, $472,798.06.
Bond Redemption Fund: Balance 9-1-19, $533,333.36. Balance 9-30-19, $533,333.36.
Capital Projects Fund: Balance 9-1-19, $13,298,232.04. Expenditures: Purchased Services, $9,868.74; Capital Acquisitions, $1,118,988.36. Journal Entries, $46,106.86. Balance 9-30-19, $12,215,481.80. 
Lunch Fund: Balance 9-1-19, $227,132.60. Revenues: Student Meals, $10,867.52; Adult Meals, $3,154.55; Ala Carte Sales, $1,730.24; Misc Income, $453.54; Federal Sources, $24,950.69. Expenditures: Salaries-Support Services, $22,798.24; Benefits-Support Services, $14,143.91; Purchased Services, $316.81; Supplies, $43,057.22. Balance 9-30-19, $187,972.96.
Enterprise Fund: Balance 9-1-19, $58,681.35. Revenues: Student OST Fees, $5,423.73. Expenditures: Salaries-Support Services, $7,172.48; Benefits-Support Services, $814.19; Purchased Services, $118.70; Supplies, $647.58. Balance 9-30-19, $55,352.13.
Trust & Agency Fund: Balance 9-1-19, $300,700.92. Revenues: $163,573.01. Expenditures: $150,711.57. Balance 9-30-19, $313,562.36.
Approval of Bills presented for payment.
Bills Presented for Payment: All Flags LLC, Supplies, $48.57; Al’s Body Shop, Repairs, $240.00; Amazon Capital Services, Supplies, $2,683.85; Paul Anderson, Background Check, $65.00; Apple Inc, Supplies, $5,992.00; Associated School Boards, Registration, $40.00; Backdoor BBQ, Staff Meal, $341.95; Berens Grocery, Supplies, $120.77; Nicole Berg, Background Check, $65.00; Big Stone Therapies, Therapy Services, $25,140.93; BMO Harris, Postage/Supplies/Travel, $7,274.87; BSN Sports, Supplies, $743.79; ByteSpeed, Computer Equipment, $13,899.00; Cash-Wa Distributing, Food, $12,506.34; Century Business Products, Copier Payment, $1,950.77; Chase Card Services, Postage/Supplies, $2,651.35; Children’s Care Hospital & School, Tuition, $3,340.00; Churchill Manolis Freeman Kludt Shelton Burns, Attorney Fees, $140.00; City of Milbank, Water/Sewer, $3,993.90; Coester Schwandt Law Office, Attorney Fees, $156.25; Connecting Point, Supplies, $2,282.52; Co-Op Architecture, Building Project, $9,868.74; Dean Foods, Milk, $3,518.33; DeFea Transportation, Busing, $65,975.81; Karla DeVaal, Coaching Class, $35.00; Earthgrains Baking, Supplies, $1,254.52; Elite Drain & Sewer Cleaning, Repairs, $534.00; Nikki Evje, Supplies, $24.23; Food-N-Fuel, Fuel Costs, $1,459.67; Fun and Function, Supplies, $78.94; G&R Controls, Repairs, $2,110.58; Gametime, Playground Equipment, $98,935.00; Katie Gilmore, Travel, $420.00; Grant County Review, Publications, $224.49; Denna Haire, Background Check, $65.00; Hasslen Construction, Building Project, $1,560,804.21; Hauff Mid-America Sports, Supplies, $465.85; Helms & Assoc, Professional Services, $1,282.50; Impact Applications, Software, $120.00; Imprest Fund,  Entry Fees $680.00; Imprest Fund, Professional Services, $2,922.25; Imprest Fund, Travel, $60.00; Innovative Office Solutions, Tables, $2,683.35; Instructional Planning Center, Tuition, $913.70; ITC, Phone Service, $739.75; Maggie or Joel Johnson, Refund, $73.00; JW Pepper, Supplies, $22.89; Jerome Kathman, Professional Service, $31.25; KONE Inc, Repairs, $858.32; Tracy Kurtz, Professional Services, $50.00; Learning Solutions, Software Renewal, $5,500.00; Lennox School District, Registration, $100.00; Daryl Liebe, Repairs, $175.00; Marsh & McLennan Agency, Insurance, $213.00; Midland Publishing & Printing, Advertising, $95.67; Midstates Group, Trailer, $2,349.00; Midwest 3D Solutions, Software License, $995.00; Milbank Community Transit, Busing, $1,145.00; Milbank School Lunch, Student Workers, $133.00; Milbank School District, Professional Services, $200.00; Milbank School Lunch, Supervisor Meals, $1,316.25; Northeast Area Principals, Dues, $100.00; Northwestern Energy, Natural Gas, $199.46; OdysseyWare, License Renewal, $3,950.00; Bailley Olson, Background Check, $65.00; Ortonville Public School, Vehicle Rent, $222.03; OtterTail Power, Lights/Power, $21,618.83; Parent, Mileage, $470.40; Parent, Mileage, $327.60; Paxton Patterson, Supplies, $24.00; Pearson Learning, Workbooks, $2,143.15; Christian Peery, Background Check, $20.00; Jose Perez Lopez, Refund, $250.00; Printsmart, Printer Maintenance, $700.21; Professional Hearing Services, Supplies, $3,262.00; Quality Inn & Suites, Lodging, $959.92; R&R Mobility, Repairs, $633.00; Deb Rausch, Professional Services, $560.00; Realityworks, Supplies, $857.20; Really Great Reading, Software, $26,585.60; Riverside Technologies, Supplies, $2,083.00; Runnings, Supplies, $30.76; Samuel French, Supplies, $540.20; Sanford Health Plan HSA Fees, $60.00; Sarlettes Music, Repairs, $1,414.06; School of Coleman-Egan, Travel, $120.67; School Specialty, Supplies, $1,550.25; SDAEOP, Registration, $125.00; SD Dept of Labor, Unemployment, $133.85; SD Dept of Human Services, Residential Services, $4,773.26; SD DOE Food Distribution Program, Supplies, $109.04; SD FFA Assn, Registration, $1,880.00; Seehafer Ace Hardware, Supplies, $19.99; St Lawrence School, Professional Services, $229.90; Star Laundry & Dry Cleaners, Cleaning Service, $2,215.07; Street Graphex, Supplies, $1,275.87; Sturdevant Auto Parts, Supplies, $57.16; Tech One, Supplies, $317.20; Tommy D Creative, Trailer, $417.00; Tri State Water, Supplies, $50.75; TSA Consulting, Professional Services, $50.00; Twin Valley Tire, Maintenance, $265.08; Kathy Tyler, Travel, $46.23; US Foods, Food, $14,478.73; Valley Rental & Recycling, Garbage Collection, $10.00; Verizon, Phone Service, $54.92; Whetstone Home Center, Supplies, $413.54; Wiese Electric, Repairs, $3,247.60; Wittrock & Son, Garbage Collection, $682.50; Amy Yamaura, Coaches Training, $35.00; Zems Inc, Supplies, $6,819.12.
Motion by Stengel and seconded by Thue to approve out-of-state travel for the National FFA Convention held in Indianapolis, IN.  Hattie Mullenback, Noah Mursu and Jackson McFaden have qualified to participate in the National FFA Band and Stewart Loehrer, Camryn Phiney, Josie Adolph and Christian Peery will be attending as delegates.  Motion carried. 5-0
Motion by Thue and seconded by Christensen to approve out-of-state travel to the Global Youth Institute held in Des Moines in October. Korbin Leddy has been selected to attend. Motion carried. 5-0
Motion by Stengel and seconded by Upton to accept the resignation of Kate Ternus as para-professional.  Kate’s last day will be November 1, 2019.  Motion carried. 5-0
Motion by Thue and seconded by Christensen to approve the hiring of Jessica Hanson as Elementary Art facilitator at $12.70 per hour. Motion carried. 5-0
Motion by Upton and seconded by Stengel to approve the hiring of Kaylee Pinkert as Elementary Computers facilitator at a rate of $13.00 per hour. Motion carried. 5-0
Motion by Christensen and seconded by Thue to approve the hiring of Kay Groethe for OST at $13.00 per hour.  Motion carried. 5-0
Reports were received by High School Principal Dan Snaza, Middle School Principal/Special Services Director Kris Evje, Elementary Special Education Director Keri Schliesman and Elementary Principal, Dave Graf.
Superintendent Downes reported on student enrollment as of September 29, 2019 at 999 students.
Motion by Stengel and seconded by Thue to enter executive session at 8:30 to discuss a student issue pursuant to SDCL  Motion carried. 5-0
Chairman Schwandt declared executive session over at 8:54 PM and regular session was resumed.
Motion by Stengel and seconded by Upton to adjourn at 8:55 PM. Motion carried. 5-0
The next School Board meeting will be held Monday, November 11, 2019 at 6:00 PM in the Board Room of the High School Building.
/s/ Richard Schwandt
/s/ Nancy M. Meyer
Business Manager
Published once at an approximate cost of $95.07.


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