Milbank School District Board Proceedings

September 9, 2019
    President Richard Schwandt called the meeting to order at 7:00 PM in the Board Room of the High School Building. The Pledge of Allegiance was said. Members present were Upton, Christensen, Thue, Stengel and Schwandt.  Superintendent Justin Downes and Business Manager Nancy Meyer were also in attendance. Guests present were Deb Hemmer, Kris Evje, Keri Schliesman, Dave Graf, Dan Snaza and Bob Babcock with Helms Engineering.
    Motion by Thue and seconded by Stengel to approve the agenda with the addition to items F. Add Richard Bohn to incentive pay listing and O. Approve Board Representative for ASBSD Delegate Assembly. Also addition of Executive Session for Student matters according to SDCL  Motion carried 5-0
     No one address the Board during the Community Input Session.
    The school spotlight featured the NFHS system. This is a two camera system that broadcasts all home games on the internet. Anyone interested in viewing an event can log onto and search Milbank High School.
    Bob Babcock with Helms Engineering went over plans for the practice football fields. Options for 2 practice fields and 4 practice fields were reviewed.    
    Other discussion items were: 5-Year Capital Outlay Projection, SDUSA and SDSSA Executive Boards and Addition security for the New Elementary School.
    Motion by Upton and seconded by Stengel to approve the consent agenda.  Motion carried. 5-0
    Items included were:
    Approve minutes of the August meeting.
    Receive Business Manager Financial Reports
    Business Manager’s Monthly Report: General Fund: Balance 8-1-19, $2,775,086.62. Revenues: Taxes, $10,306.33; Interest, $969.90; Admissions, $3,091.00; Activity Tickets, $12,680.00; Local Misc, $19,553.75; Medicaid Admin, $3,273.67; County Apportionment, $271.16; State Aid, $198,837.00; Other, $166,327.82. Expenditures: Salaries-Instructional, $212,092.88; Salaries-Support Services, $80,253.91; Salaries-Co-curricular, $16,808.11; Benefits-Instructional, $67,215.39; Benefits-Support Services, $29,606.31; Benefits-Co-curricular, $3,802.81; Purchased Services, $37,813.34; Supplies, $36,437.77; Other, $945.00. Balance 8-31-19, $2,705,421.73.
    Capital Outlay Fund: Balance 8-1-19, $576,593.11. Revenues: Taxes, $4,210.03; Interest, $188.23. Expenditures: Purchased Services, $52,633.30; Supplies, $65,761.47; Capital Acquisitions, $88,938.88. Balance 8-31-19, $373,657.72.
    Special Education Fund: Balance 8-1-19, $210,925.66. Revenues: Taxes, $3,439.94; Interest, $68.86. Medicaid Admin, $591.00; Federal Sources, $83,678.00. Expenditures: Salaries-Instructional, $58,076.37; Salaries-Support Services, $6,759.21; Benefits- Instructional, $22,381.24; Benefits-Support Services, $2,748.68; Purchased Services, $24,387.38; Supplies, $579.90. Balance 8-31-19, $183,770.68.
    Pension Fund: Balance 8-1-19, $474,615.57. Revenues: Interest, $154.94. Expenditures: Salaries-Instructional, $2,012.39; Benefits-Instructional, $153.98. Balance 8-31-19, $472,604.14.
    Bond Redemption Fund: Balance 8-1-19, $14,718,352.97. Journal Entries, ($14,185,019.61). Balance 8-31-19, $533,333.36.
    Capital Projects Fund: Balance 8-1-19, ($17,360.38). Expenditures: Purchased Services, $27,079.18; Capital Acquisitions, $1,386,438.36. Journal Entries, $14,729,109.96. Balance 8-31-19, $13,298,232.04.
    Lunch Fund: Balance 8-1-19, $159,014.58. Revenues: Student Meals, $74,654.06; Adult Meals, $534.00; Misc Income, $2.50; Federal Sources, $9,317.59. Expenditures: Salaries-Support Services, $6,001.77; Benefits-Support Services, $4,637.73; Supplies, $5,750.63. Balance 8-31-19, $227,132.60.
    Enterprise Fund: Balance 8-1-19, $82,326.90. Revenues: OST Tuition, $14,544.31. Expenditures: Salaries-OST, $23,952.21; Benefits-OST, $2,548.41; Purchased Services, $7,048.04; Supplies, $4,641.20. Balance 8-31-19, $58,681.35.
    Approval of Bills presented for payment.
    Bills Presented for Payment: ADCO Hearing, Supplies, $74.70; Advanced Technologies, Supplies, $2,189.99; Brian Allmendinger, Background Check, $65.00; Amazon Capital Services, Supplies/Equipment, $5,328.33; Brenda Anderson, Professional Services, $217.08; Apple Inc, iPads, $11,169.00; Arrowwood Resort, Staff Travel, $101.95; ASBSD Worker’s Comp, Insurance, $29,298.00; Associated School Boards of SD, Registration, $185.00; BFG Supply Company, Supplies, $606.46; Big Stone Therapies, Therapy Services, $14,944.88; Lester Bloem, Background Check, $65.00; BMO Harris, Supplies/Books/Travel, $7,191.94; Madison Bowsher, Background Check, $65.00; William Buttke, Background Check, $65.00; Carson Dellosa Publishing, Supplies, $126.74; Cash-Wa Distributing, Food, $6,530.96; Century Business Products, Copier Payment, $1,120.36; Chase Cards, Supplies/Travel, $4,287.72; Children’s Care Hospital & School, Tuition, $5,775.00; City of Milbank, Rubble Site, $15.00; Coester Schwandt Law Office, Attorney Fees, $150.00; Cole Papers, Supplies, $10,907.35; Continental Press, Supplies, $1,276.63; Co-op Architecture, Professional Services, $9,868.74; Culinex, Supplies, $1,115.15; Dean Foods, Milk, $1,229.57; DeFea Transportation, Busing, $27,289.84; Demco, Supplies, $102.98; Justin Downes, Professional Services, $153.31; Earthgrains Baking, Food, $582.04; Elite Drain & Sewer Cleaning, Repairs, $2,529.85; Evan Moor Educational Publishers, Supplies, $25.98; Food-N-Fuel, Travel, $906.03; Gage Foods, Food, $2,836.71; Katie Gilmore, Travel, $336.00; Golden West Technologies, Software, $2,375.00; Gopher, Supplies, $482.65; Caitlyn Graf, Professional Services, $200.00; Jackson Graf, Professional Services, $200.00; Grant County Review, Publications, $440.68; Travis Graves, Supplies, $200.00; Andrea Hagen, Background Check, $65.00; Diane Hane, Background Check, $65.00; Hasslen Construction, Building Payment, $1,118,988.36; Hauff Mid-America Sports, Supplies, $6,150.40; Hillyard, Supplies, $761.42; Houghton Mifflin, Textbooks, $3,787.70; Janelle Huber, Staff Travel, $184.96; Innovative Office Solutions, Supplies, $112.00; ITC, Telephone, $1,065.50; IXL Learning, Software License, $5,100.00; Rebecca Johnson, Coaching Class, $35.00; Jostens, Supplies, $1,390.97; Jerry Kathman, Professional Services, $400.00; Rachael Kellen, Staff Training, $1,254.83; Kibble Equipment, Repairs, $206.91; Mary Kinder, Supplies, $82.96; KONE Inc, Maintenance Contract, $605.52; KXLG-FM, Advertising, $99.00; Lakeshore Learning, Supplies, $901.38; Learning Internet, Software License, $945.00; Lori Leddy, Professional Services, $200.00; Taylor Liebing, Background Check, $65.00; Madison Central School District, Registration, $50.00; McGraw Hill, Textbooks, $52,199.65; Meadow Creek Golf Course, Registration, $40.00; Bobbi Meyer, Professional Services, $75.00; Midland Publishing & Printing, Advertising, $74.21; Milbank School District, Registration, $2,024.68; Milbank School Lunch, Supplies, $404.55; Jade Miller, Professional Services, $200.00; Montevideo School District, VB Tourney, $150.00; Nardini Fire Equipment, Repairs, $430.00; Nasco, Supplies, $217.20; NASP, Supplies, $644.00; NE Superintendents, Dues, $80.00; Nelson Electric, Repairs, $3,333.84; Newsela, Online License, $750.00; Brenda Nomeland, Supplies, $57.22; NE Area Principals, Dues, $70.00; Northwestern Energy, Natural Gas, $186.57; Rita O’Farrell, Background Check, $65.00; OtterTail Power, Lights/Power, $17,064.31; Parent, Mileage, $470.40; Paxton Patterson, Supplies, $63.00; Pearson Learning, Supplies, $6,056.91; Perma-Bound, Library Books, $16.54; Pipemasters, Repairs, $130,789.01; Pitsco Education, Software, $199.00; Ashley Plummer, Background Check, $65.00; Praxair Distribution, Supplies, $617.77; Printsmart, Printer Maintenance, $609.46; Professional Hearing Services, Professional Services, $596.00; Nancy Quade, Professional Services, $200.00; Deb Rausch, Professional Services, $140.00; Really Good Stuff, Supplies, $727.58; Renaissance Learning, Software Renewal, $3,522.00; Rick Trow Productions, Workbooks, $126.25; Riverside Technologies, Computer Equipment, $10,397.20; Rochester 100, Supplies, $270.00; Runnings, Supplies, $87.23; Safety Kleen Systems, Professional Services, $95.00; Sanford Health Plan, HSA Fees, $62.00; Sarlettes Music, Repairs/Instruments, $4,126.80; SASD, Dues/Fees, $706.00; Josh Schmeichel, Coaching Class, $35.00; Kevin Schnaser, Professional Services, $400.00; Scholastic Magazines, $1,901.29; School Specialty, Supplies, $16,113.43; Alexis Schubert, Background Check, $65.00; Robin Schuelke, Background Check, $65.00; SD Dept of Human Services, Residential Services, $5,850.90; SD Football Coaches Assn, Dues, $220.00; SDHSAA, Dues, $230.04; Sisseton School District, Registration, $25.00; Smart Sign, Supplies, $309.40; St Lawrence, Preschool, $760.00; Star Laundry & Dry Cleaners, Cleaning Service, $821.94; Steve Stemsrud, Supplies, $13.24; Stokes Seeds, Supplies, $283.60; Street Graphex, Supplies, $95.85; Sundance/Newbridge Educational Publishing, Supplies, $77.00; Super Duper Publications, Supplies, $272.98; Teacher Created Resources, Supplies, $141.13; Teachers Discovery, Supplies, $101.37; Tech One, Supplies, $3.50; Top 20 Training, Professional Services, $4,801.16; Tri State Water, Water Cooler, $74.30; TSA Consulting, Professional Services, $50.00; Tubbs of Soft Water, Supplies, $159.75; Twin Valley Tire, Supplies, $109.24; Kathy Tyler, Background Check, $65.00; US Foods, Food, $17,236.04; Verizon, Phone Service, $54.92; Vernier Software & Technology, Supplies, $6,251.19; Watertown Park & Rec, OST Trip, $246.00; West Music, Supplies, $303.76; Whetstone Home Center, Supplies, $35.70; Wittrock & Son, Garbage Collection, $682.50.
    Motion by Thue and seconded by Christensen to approve the adoption of the following Budget Resolution:
Resolution No. 19-09-09
    Let it be resolved, that the School Board of the Milbank School District 25-4, after duly considering the proposed budget and its changes thereto, to be published in accordance with SDCL 13-11-2 hereby approves and adopts it proposed budget and changes thereto, to be its Annual Budget for the fiscal year July 1, 2019 through June 30, 2020. The adopted Annual budget levy requests are as follows: General Fund $1.473 per thousand of Ag valuation, $3.296 per thousand for Owner Occupied, $6.821 per thousand for Other Non-ag; Special Education Fund $1.616 per thousand of valuation; and Capital Outlay Fund $1.80 per thousand of valuation equaling $1,702,625.  Changes to the proposed budget are:
    Decrease to the following revenue accounts: General Fund: 3111 $228,582.  Increase to use of reserve: General Fund $247,117.  Special Education $38,725.
    Increase to the following expenditure functions: General Fund: 1111 $16,500, 2554 $2,000, 3721 $35. Capital Outlay: 2555 $90,000.  Special Education: 1222 $36,725 and 2710 $10,000.  Decrease to the following expenditure functions: Capital Outlay: $90,000.  Special Education: 1226 $8,000.
    Total budget General Fund $7,833,881; Capital Outlay $1,754,443; Special Education $1,821,825; Pension Fund $58,500; Lunch Fund $680,500; Enterprise Fund $ $133,000.
/s/ Chairman, Richard Schwandt
/s/ Business Manager, Nancy M. Meyer
    Motion carried. 5-0
    Motion by Upton and seconded by Stengel to approve open enrollment applications for fours who have been attending school in the district but have moved outside district lines. Motion carried. 5-0
    Motion by Thue and seconded by Christensen to approve the OST After School Staff as recommended by Mrs. Kinder. Returning staff are Lorrie Hardy, Jayne Paysen, Karen Loeschke, Nickole Gertsema, Kaylee Pinkert, Lily Trapp and Chris Perry. New staff is Landon Brown at $9.10 per hour. Motion carried. 5-0
    Motion by Stengel and seconded by Upton to approve a lane change for Caitlyn Graf from Lane 1, Step 9 $46,600 to Lane 2 Step 9 $47,078.  Motion carried. 5-0
    Motion by Upton and seconded by Thue to approve incentive increases of $.25 per hour for staff who have fulfilled the requirements. They are: Nancy Hein, Cindy Davis, Cyndy Larsen, Megan Robinson, Lorena Pedroza, Shelia Morton and Richard Bohn. Motion carried. 5-0
    Motion by Stengel and seconded by Christensen to approve increasing the ELL Para-professional position by .5 to 1.0 FTE due to an increase in ELL student numbers. Kerry Wold will fill this position. Motion carried. 5-0
    Motion by Christensen and seconded by Thue to approve an increase of 1.15 FTE for Special Education Para-professionals. This increase is needed due to the changing needs of the district. Motion carried. 5-0
    Motion by Thue and seconded by Stengel to approve Madison Bowsher as 1.0 FTE Special Education Para-professional at a rate of $12 per hour.  Motion carried. 5-0
    Motion by Upton and seconded by Christensen to approve the hiring of Dawn VanderWal as 0.65 FTE Special Education Para-professional at $12 per hour. Motion carried. 5-0
    Motion by Stengel and seconded by Christensen to approve the amended contract for Kathy Tyler as Head Debate Coach at $5,057. Motion carried. 5-0
    Motion by Thue and seconded by Upton to amend the contract for Holly Hilbrands as Assistant Debate Coach at $2,722. Motion carried. 5-0
    Motion by Christensen and seconded by Stengel to amend the Tuition Agreement with Big Stone City School District. Motion carried. 5-0
    A second reading of Policy KJA (Posting of the National Motto) was held.  Motion by Upton and seconded by Thue to approve Policy KJA. Motion carried. 5-0
    Motion by Stengel and seconded by Thue to appoint Richard Schwandt as delegate to the ASBSD Delegate Assembly. Motion carried. 5-0
    Reports were received by High School Principal Dan Snaza, Middle School Principal/Special Services Director Kris Evje, Elementary Special Education Director Keri Schliesman and Elementary Principal, Dave Graf.
    Superintendent Downes reported on:
    1. Enrollment – 999
    2. Online Class Numbers: 36 Dual Credit/0 AP Courses
    3. Advantana donation of $500 to Lunch Program and school supplies
    Motion by Stengel and seconded by Thue to enter executive session at 8:04 to discuss a student issue pursuant to SDCL Motion carried. 5-0
    Chairman Schwandt declared executive session over at 8:11 PM and regular session was resumed.
    Motion by Stengel and seconded by Upton to adjourn at 8:12 PM. Motion carried. 5-0
    The next School Board meeting will be held Monday, October 14, 2019 at 7:00 PM in the Board Room of the High School Buildings.
/s/ Richard Schwandt
/s/ Nancy M. Meyer
Business Manager
    Published once at an approximate cost of $136.41.


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