Milbank City Council Proceedings

Milbank City Council Proceedings
December 9, 2019
PURSUANT TO DUE CALL AND NOTICE THEREOF, a regular meeting of the City Council was duly held at City Hall at 7:00 PM. The following members were present: Mayor Pat Raffety, Councilmen Steve Wiener, Joel Foster, James Johnson, Evan Grong and Scott Hoeke. Absent: Mike Hanson. Present from the staff: Attorney Mark Reedstrom, John Forman, Boyd VanVooren, Cynthia Schumacher, Don Settje, Dick Poppen, Darin Thiele, Kevin Schuelke. Present from the public: Holli Seehafer.
Mayor Raffety called the meeting to order and the roll call was taken.
A motion was made and seconded to approve the minutes of the November 11, 2019 meeting. Motion carried 5-0.
A motion was made and seconded to approve the Consent Agenda. Motion carried 5-0.
Consent Agenda    
1. Approve advertising for two street maintenance employees.
2. Approve a refund of taxes due to an error made in identifying/description of real property, Steve Brotzel, $143.65. Lots 36A and 37A, Eastmans First Addn.
3. Approve the Liquor License Renewal for Jac’s Pub Inc.
Water – Councilman Wiener gave the monthly report. The water main and service line to the new school passed the pressure and bacteria test.  The City is utilizing 80% spring water.
A motion was made and seconded to allow Utility Service Company to offer Milbank residents the NLC Service Line Warranty Program.  The program offers homeowners warranty plans to cover their water line, sewer line and/or interior plumbing. The program is completely optional for residents with no cost to the city.  Motion carried 5-0.
Administrator Forman stated that the water protection agreements will expire December 31, 2019. He recommended the agreements be extended one year to allow for new CRP contracts to be completed. The Mayor requested the agreements be drafted and presented for approval at the next meeting.  
Street – The monthly report was read. A motion was made and seconded to approve Scott Meyer as Street/Rubble Site Manager, 6-5, $22.11, 12/14/19.  Motion carried 5-0.
Administrator Forman stated the permanent 4-way stop signs at Third Avenue will be installed next Spring.  The remaining construction from Railway Avenue to the tracks and the city parking lot will also be completed in the Spring.
Rubble Site – No report.
Legion Baseball Field Update – ICON fundraising is ongoing. The Council discussed a drafted Memorandum of Understanding for the maintenance of the facility. Further discussion is needed prior to finalization.
Fire – Councilman Grong read the monthly report.  
Planning & Zoning – Councilman Grong reported that the Planning & Zoning Commission unanimously approved the proposed TIF district.
A motion was made and seconded to approve the second reading of Ordinance 828, Ordinance Changes to Chapter 17.  Motion carried by roll call vote 5-0.  
November Permits
Building: none. 
Fence: Madison Rosenthal 308 W 7th Ave. 
Demo Permits: none.
Roofing Permits: Kevin Mueller-214 N 2nd St-steel.
Moving: none.
Special Conditional Use: none.
Finance – A motion was made and seconded to approve the November Treasurer’s Report. Motion carried 5-0.
A motion was made and seconded to approve bills list, $270,492.49. Motion carried 5-0.
CLAIMS 12/9/2019
Advanced Technologies Inc., shipping, $144.37; American Engineering Testing, testing, $322.60; Ameripride Services Inc., rugs, $122.67; Applied Concepts, Inc., radar, $331.00; AT&T, cell phone, $427.13; Ban-Koe Systems, Inc., repair fire alarm system, $530.00; Banner Associates, Inc., engineering, $3,463.05; Berkner Excavating & Gravel, misc. repairs, $1,170.85; Bituminous Paving Inc., asphalt, $106,667.79; Blauert, Brandy, clothing allowance, $27.25; Blue Valley Public Safety, repair sirens, $4,222.00; Bray, Ted, deductible/clothing allowance, $1,400.00; City of Milbank, deposit to accounts , $21.13; Corporate Technologies LLC, service agreements, $584.00; Crimestar Corp., annual support fee , $300.00; Eastside Car Wash, truck wash usage/rental, $130.50; Energy Laboratories, Inc., Testing, $2,340.00; Fastenal Company, Parts, $182.79; Feld Fire, SCBA units, $15,327.64; First Bank & Trust-CC, supplies/shipping fees, $202.12; Gesswein Motors vehicle, repair, $1,993.64; Grant County Auditor services, $2,516.66; Grant County Review, publications, $128.85; Hach Company, supplies, $710.24; Hawkins Inc. chemicals, $7,042.63; I&S Group Inc., development plan, $7,745.00; ITC, phone service, $907.10; J&J Earthworks Inc., Main Street project, $56,480.25; Jorge, Isle, deposit refund, $78.87; Krause Sr, Ron, clothing allowance, $63.89; MHM Contracting LLC, concrete work, $16,326.56; Milbank Communications, pager repairs, $143.00; Milbank Winwater, Parts, $216.89; Morton, Jesse, clothing allowance, $100.00; NAPA Auto Parts, Parts, $338.30; Northern Plains Appraisal, LLC, LWCG appraisals, $6,250.00; NW Energy, natural gas, $597.53; Otter Tail Power, electric, $16,600.60; Petty Cash, postage/supplies, $42.25; Praxair Distribution Inc., service air system equipment, $26.71; Pro Welding & Repair, weld repairs, $1,188.62; Pro-Vision Video Systems, video kit, $2,950.19; Purchase Power, postage, $203.50; RC Technologies, Services, $45.95; Roger’s Electric Motor, Parts, $469.75; Runnings, Supplies, $616.22; Safeguard QBS, Forms, $79.51; Schumacher, Cynthia, clothing allowance, $47.94; SD Dept. of Revenue, sales tax, $125.22; SD One Calls, one calls, $43.05; SDWWA, membership dues, $30.00; Settje, Donald, clothing allowance, $100.00; Star Laundry & Cleaners, rugs/coveralls, $32.45; Stoney Brook Ent. Inc., monitors/thermal cameras, $3,000.58; Sturdevants Auto Parts, Supplies, $85.03; Twin Valley Tire, tire service, $183.65; UPI Petroleum, Gas, $1,284.43; USA Bluebook, Supplies, $45.24; USPS, billing expense/permit fee, $420.00; Valley Office Products, Supplies, $461.10; Valley Rental & Recycling LLC, recycling agreement, $650.00; VanVooren, Boyd, travel expense, $100.64; Wherry Snow Removal, snow removal, $95.00; Whetstone Valley Electric Parts, $242.65; Wilbur Ellis, FBO Contract, $1,200.00; Wittrock & Sons, metal pickup, $270.00; Xerox Corporation, copier lease, $295.91. 
Mayor Raffety appointed Councilmen Johnson and Grong to review proposed salaries. 
November Salaries: Mayor/Council $1,600; Finance $14,746; Police $26,475; Fire $1,559; Street $10,033; Rubble Site $819; Park $3,288; Water $5,067 Wastewater $13,198.
Personnel – No Report.
Housing – No report.
Attorney – No report.
Airport – No report.  
Wastewater – Councilman Foster read the monthly report. All quarterly testing has been completed.  Passed the fourth quarter toxicity test.  
Park – Councilman Johnson read the monthly report. A motion was made and seconded to declare the house on the Lake Farley property surplus and dispose of as necessary.
Police – The officers participated in first responder training, Girl Scout project and the parade of lights. Residents are reminded not to dispose of snow onto the city streets.
Property Standards – Property owners are reminded to remove snow from their sidewalks.
A motion was made and seconded to go into Executive Session pursuant to SDCL 1-25-2(3). Motion carried 5-0.
The Mayor called the Council out of Executive Session. No action was taken.
Adjourn – A special council meeting will be held December 27, 2019 at 7:00 AM. The next regular meeting will be January 13, 2020 at 7:00 PM. A motion was made and seconded to adjourn.  Motion carried 5-0.
/s/ Pat Raffety,
/s/ Cynthia Schumacher,
Finance Officer


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