Milbank City Council Proceedings • June 13, 2022

Milbank City Council Proceedings • June 13, 2022





June 13, 2022
PURSUANT TO DUE CALL AND NOTICE THEREOF, a regular meeting of the City Council was duly held at City Hall at 7:00 PM, June 13, 2022. The following members were present: Mayor Pat Raffety, Councilmen Roger Briggs, Steve Wiener, Mike Hanson, Josh Karels and Mindy Rogers. Absent: Scott Hoeke. Present from the staff: John Forman, Boyd VanVooren, Cynthia Schumacher, Kevin Schuelke, Ron Krause, Dan Keyes, Dick Poppen, Don Settje and Scott Meyer. Public present: Tim Jurgens, Laurie Folk, Holli Seehafer, Kathy Ward, Krista Atyeo-Gortmaker, Craig Weinberg and Joel Adler. 
Mayor Raffety called the meeting to order, and the roll call was taken.
Public Input – No public comments.
Canvass Election Results – A motion was made and seconded to table action until the June 20, 2022, special meeting.  Motion carried 5-0. 
Minutes – A motion was made and seconded to approve the minutes from the May 9, 2022, meeting. Motion carried 5-0.
Consent Agenda – A motion was made and seconded to approve the Consent Agenda. Motion carried 4-1, Karels abstained.
1. Approve pay increase for Beth Motschenbacher, $15.10, Unity Receptionist effective 5-14-22 thru transition period of new Administrative Services Supervisor.  
2. Approve the hire of Laurie Folk, Utility Clerk, effective 6/13/22 (part-time), 8/15/22 (full-time), $18.33/hr.
3. Approve the hire of Teresa Adolph, Unity Administrative Services Supervisor, effective 6/20/22, $18.40/hr. 
4. Approve the appointment of Jeanne Zeigler to the Housing Authority Board, replacing Val VanLith.
5. Approve Garbage Haulers Licenses: Waste Management, Whetstone Sanitation.
6. Approve Hauling Recyclable Materials Licenses: Waste Management, Sackreiter Pallet Recycling, Valley Rental & Recycling.
7. Approve Arborist Licenses: Swenson Tree Service, Milbank House Movers Inc., Vanorney Tree Service, Tip Top Tree Service.
8. Ratify the hiring of lifeguards: Rylee Scoular, $14.23/hr; Rachel Schultz, $14.23/hr; and Joseph Schulte, $14.23/hr.
9. Approve Banner Engineering Agreement, Unity Lobby Remodel, $34,100.
10. Approve Sole Source Purchases for Legion Field made by City Administrator – ChampionWall (outfield fence) SportsEdge, $86,942.81; DuraEdge Products (mound and infield clays and conditioners) SiteOne, $11,418.80; field irrigation equipment, SiteOne, $8,507.15)
Water – Councilman Wiener read the monthly report.  The new Lake Farley water main passed all tests. A new main was installed for the Lake Farley soccer fields.  The city is utilizing 75% spring water.  
Property Standards – Councilman Wiener reported eighteen property standards letters were sent.  
Housing – Mayor Raffety stated over the next three years, the city anticipates seeing an estimated two-million dollars sales tax increase because of the Valley Queen expansion project. As Mayor, he would like to establish a developer infrastructure planning and assistance program using the sales tax increase.  Anyone seeking to develop land within the city limits and meets base criteria would have the opportunity to apply for these funds.  Two councilmembers will be appointed to serve on the housing committee along with the city administrator and two GCED executive board members.  The committee will review the application requests.  A motion was made and seconded to table any appointments to the housing committee until the July meeting after the new council has been seated. Motion carried 5-0.
Rubble Site – Free resident access to the rubble site ended on May 14th.  Excessive amounts of tree material, from the severe weather, continue to come in.  Staff continue to pump water from the pit due to the amount of rain.
Resolution 6-13-22, which increases rubble site fees for non-residents, was introduced. After discussion, a motion was made and seconded to approve Resolution 6-13-22. Carried 5-0. 
Resolution 6-13-22
WHEREAS, the City Council, City of Milbank, Grant County, South Dakota desires to update and formalize the fees charged at the restricted use rubble site; and,
WHEREAS, the City Council has agreed that the utilization of the restricted use rubble site should maintain a fee structure that is adequate to cover all expenses for maintaining the facility.
THEREFORE, BE IT RESOLVED that the City of Milbank does hereby revise and set new fee structures to cover the maintenance at the Milbank Restricted Use Rubble Site, such that:
Dated at Milbank, South Dakota, this 13th day of June 2022.
Aye: 5 Nay: 0   Absent: Scott Hoeke
Pat Raffety, Mayor
ATTEST: Cynthia Schumacher, 
Finance Officer
Rubble/Trees Grant Co. Resident Non-Resident
Car, pickup, two-wheel trailer $10 $20
Four-wheel trailer, single axle truck $40 $120
Tandem truck $60 $150
Semi (side-dump) $100 $200
Semi (end-dump) $250 $500
Super-size semi trailer $375 $750
Yard Waste
Car, pickup, two wheel trailer FREE $10
Four-wheel trailer, single axle truck $25 $50
Tandem truck $50 $75
Semi (side-dump) $75 $100
Semi (end-dump) $100 $150
Super-size semi trailer $150 $250
Car, pickup, two-wheel trailer $20 $40
Four-wheel trailer, single axle truck $50 $150
Tandem truck $100 $200
Semi (side-dump) $150 $300
Semi (end-dump) $250 $500
Super-size semi trailer $375 $750
Monitors, microwaves, printers, TVs $10 $25
White Goods
Dishwashers, washing machines, dryers $10 $10
Street – The department has replaced old and damaged street signs, prepped gravel streets for dust control to be applied, and cleaned catch basins. Residential sweeping and heavy mowing, where and when possible, continue.   Mosquito larvicide was dispersed throughout the city. Adulticide spraying started and will continue Wednesday evenings as weather permits.  
Police – Councilman Karels reported the Chief and Administrator Forman met with school administration to discuss school safety, lockdown policies and officer presence at the schools.  Officers assisted with the bike rodeo and drivers’ education classes. The Milbank PD participated in the Click-It or Ticket National Campaign.  
Attorney – No report. 
Finance – A motion was made and seconded to approve the May Treasurer’s report. Motion carried 5-0.
A motion was made and seconded to approve the bills list, $577,151.31. Motion carried 5-0.
CLAIMS 6/13/22
Advanced Technologies Inc., shipping/ supplies/computer, $5,617.24; Amazon, supplies/equipment/helmets, $161.90; American Red Cross, training manuals, $287.00; Aquatic Media, online cert pool operators course, $299.00; Associated Supply Co., parts, supplies, ADA lift, $5,970.84; AT&T, cell phone, $465.18; Auto Value Parts Store, parts/supplies, $595.51; Automaxx SDJR Inc., vehicle service/repairs, $1,103.10; Banner Associates, engineering, $45,389.22; Baseball Savings, helmets/equipment, $621.58; Beacon Athletics LLC, BB field maint equipment, $34,717.00; Berkner Excavating & Gravel, Inc., main repairs, $1,133.20; BIB, background checks, $ 62.00; Bilben, Shane, deposit refund, $28.10; BNS Sports Inc., wind screen, $751.00; Card Pointe, card fees, $417.99; CHS, gas/oil, $3,725.32; City of Milbank, deposit refund, $296.38; Climate Systems Inc., parts/pump repair, $8,792.48; Cole Papers Inc., supplies, $575.06; Companion Life Ins., admin fee, $10.00; Corporate Technology, service agreement/computer, $1,544.00; Cummins, Amanda, deposit refund, $25.52; Dakota Playground, play equipment, $5,565.00; Dewey’s Lawn Care, edging, $283.14; Eastside Car Wash, truck wash usage/lift rental, $76.65; EideBailly LLP, audit expense, $11,250.00; FACe-Propay, transaction fees, $23.16; Ferguson Waterworks, meter, $745.00; First Bank & Trust, check fee, $2.50; Food-N-Fuel, gas, $313.57; Fraasch, Wade, CPR renewals, $250.00; Gall’s, uniforms, $125.81; GCC Consolidated Ready Mix Inc., precast pad, $120.00; Grant County Abstract & Title Co., title search,  $425.00; Grant County Auditor, county services, $1,675.00; Grant County Review, publications/subscription, $1,032.73; Hach Co., supplies, $388.88; Hanson, Brittany, deposit refund, $100.00; Hawkins, chemicals, $820.21; Heiman Fire Equipment, truck repairs, $28,697.00; Helms & Associates, engineering, $2,246.78; Independent/Northern Star, publications, $67.50; ITC, telephone/internet service, $1,548.65; ITS, building keyfobs, $139.75; Jefferson Lines, shipping, $113.75; John Deere Financial, tractor lease, $8,816.73; Kelly Kutters, mowing contract, $16,784.78; Kibble Equipment, parts, $498.80; Lamb Motors, 2022 Ford, $31,636.00; Lewis Drug, supplies, $52.25; Linde Gas & Equipment, service air system, $48.36; M & T Fire & Safety Inc., innotex tech rescue suits, $14,880.00; Markve Insurance Solutions, insurance, $662.65; Milbank Area Chamber of Commerce; DARE poster prize,  $100.00; Milbank Ball Diamond Assoc, refund deposit error, $4,000.00; Milbank Ford-Mercury, vehicle repair,  $427.06; Milbank Winwater Co., part,  $9,611.13; Money Movers, NIHCA membership fee, $11.50; NAPA Auto Parts, parts/supplies, $2,287.21; Nelson Electric, power panel/motor control center, $101,661.41; NOVA Fitness Equipment, equipment/service, $4,214.55; NW Energy, natural gas, $4,167.79; Otter Tail Power, electric, $19,638.98; Peak Software Systems, Inc., card reader, $275.00; Peterson, Connie, uniform patches, $8.00; Petty Cash, supplies/postage, $32.34; RDO Equipment Co., parts, $762.42; Reedstrom, Mark, retainer fee, $1,000.00; Reimche Airspray LLC, FBO Contract, $1,200.00; Ricarie Software, applicant stack subscription, $99.00; Roger’s Electric, parts, $178.48; Running’s Supply, Inc., supplies/parts, $1,786.42; Sanstead Excavating LLC, system repairs/install sprinkler system, $6,200.00; SD Assn of Rural Water Systems, annual dues, $865.00; SD DANR-Fiscal Office, drinking/surface water permit, $1,450.00; SD Department of Revenue, sales tax, $2,346.38; SD Government Finance, registration fee, $77.21; SD Public Health Lab, testing, $41.00; Share Corp, supplies, $206.54; South Dakota, 811 one calls, $24.15; Spotify, subscription, $10.64; Star Laundry & Cleaners, laundry service, $198.89; Steve’s World, parts, $93.90; Street Graphix, shirts, $831.09; The Original Marketing Group, billing, $250.00; The Valley Shopper, help ad, $127.56; Trapp Plumbing, parts, $21.42; Twin Valley Tire, tires, $695.68; Unity Health & Fitness, membership fees, $200.00; UPI, gas, $3,671.53; US Postal Service, stamps, $58.00; US Postal Service, billing expense, $420.00; USA Bluebook, parts, $3,074.85; Valley Office Products, supplies, $620.02; Valley Rental & Recycling, recycling agreement, $650.00; Van Diest Supply Co., chemical,  $11,117.70; Weinkauf, Deven, travel expense, $239.92; West Central Communications Inc., batteries/pager repairs, $2,718.91; Whetstone Home Center Inc. misc., lumber/supplies, $1,595.49; Whetstone Sanitation, garbage service, $937.87; Whetstone Valley Electric, electric/repairs, $3,330.96; Wiese Electric, soccer field lights, $139,250.00; WM Corporate Services Inc., garbage service, $1,056.66; Xerox Corporation, copier leases, $1,218.57; Zoom Video Communications Inc, subscription, $111.81 
 $ 577,151.31 
May salaries: Mayor/Council $1,600; Finance $15,265; Police $28,875 Fire $1,716; Street $12,167; Rubble Site $887; Recreation $23,866; Park $11,711; Water $6,412; Wastewater $15,219.
Airport – The quarterly pilots meeting was held. 
Wastewater – Councilman Briggs read the monthly report.  Generators were utilized, during the storm, to run the Berens and 4-H lift stations.   Residents are reminded to remove their sump dump discharge from the sanitary sewer system.  
Park – Councilwoman Rogers reported cemetery graves were filled and seeded, stones straightened, veteran memorial statues cleaned, weeds sprayed, and storm branches cleaned-up.  
The Council discussed the condition of the cemetery for Memorial Day.  Communication and consideration of the weather needs to be considered in the future when deciding the best course of action.  
A lengthy discussion was held regarding the placement of a batting cage inside the skate park.  The park board directed a letter be sent to the Milbank Ball Diamond Association to remove the batting cage from the skate park. Councilwoman Rogers stated there are protocols in place for a reason.  Areas are designated for specific purpose, and we cannot allow others to change that intended use.  Ron Krause did not want the batting cage removed, as it is needed by the youth program.   The Council agreed to allow the batting cage to remain thru the season.  A new location should be considered for the batting cages or the construction of a new skate park.  
Administrator Forman reported bids for the installation of the splash park were solicited from six contractors.  No bids were received. Two contractors were interested, however were too busy at this time.  Forman stated he will connect with the two interested contractors to negotiate a possible early spring 2023 installation.  
 Unity Health & Fitness – Councilwoman Rogers gave the monthly report. Unity Director Keyes thanked employees Beth Motschenbacher, Abby Larson, Patricia DeVere, Jody Dilts, John McDonagh for going above and beyond to help back-fill the vacant 40-hour week administrative services supervisor position during the transition of the new hire.
Summer programs are going well with steady numbers.  Six candidates successfully completed the Lifeguard Certification Training Course, three of which applied for a lifeguard position.
A Unity employee membership policy was presented. Upon discussion a motion was made and seconded to table action on the policy.  Motion carried 5-0. Mayor Raffety requested Unity Manager Keyes, Administrator Forman and Finance Officer Schumacher review the policy and make a recommendation.  
Forman reported he and Dan Keyes had met with SCR Inc. and Chappell Central Inc. regarding their proposal for the Unity Inet system. Forman stated after additional discussions and bid reviews, they felt Chappell would provide better system and training.  A motion was made and seconded to approve the bid submitted by Chappell Central Inc., $76,392.00, for the Unity Inet system.  Motion carried 5-0.
Planning & Zoning – Councilwoman Rogers reported a conditional use permit was approved for Dakota Storage Buildings, LLC for a storage shed display area at 305 S 5th St, B-2 limited business district.  The permit will expire October 31, 2022. 
A motion was made and seconded to approve Resolution 6-13-22A – Plat of Block 1, Robert Ward Addition.  Motion carried 5-0.
Resolution 6-13-22A
Resolution by the City of Milbank
On motion made and carried the following resolution was adopted: “Be it resolved by the City Council of Milbank, South Dakota in regular meeting assembled at the plat of Block 1, Robert Ward Addition in Gov’t Lot 6, Section 6, T120N, R48W of the 5th P.M., to the City of Milbank, Grant County, South Dakota be approved this 13th day of June, 2022 in accordance with the provisions of SDCL 11-3 and all acts amendatory thereto.”  I Cynthia Schumacher of the city of Milbank, South Dakota certify that this is a true copy of the resolution adopted by the City Council of Milbank, South Dakota.  
Dated this 13th day of June 2022.
Pat Raffety, Mayor
ATTEST: Cynthia Schumacher, 
Finance Officer
May Permits: 
Building: George Boos-1206 Park Drive-accessory structure. Valley Queen Cheese-200 E Railway-commercial wastewater addition.
Sign Permit: none. 
Roofing Permit: none.
Fence Permits: Michael Bogenrief-812 E Park Ave-wood. Jessica Suarez-402 S 5th St-wood. Zachary Angerhofer-902 S 4th St-wood. James Kramer-106 Vista Dr-vinyl.
Demolition: none.
Lake Farley Projects – The baseball project-phase I and irrigation pipe supplies bids will be opened later this week and approved at a special meeting on June 20, 2022.
Fire – Councilman Hanson gave the monthly report. The department assisted with weather spotting, road closures and welfare checks during the May storms.  Five members attended the state fire school in Fort Pierre.  Sandbags are available, free of charge, at the county shop.  
Adjourn – The next regular meeting will be July 11, 2022, at 7:00 PM. A motion was made and seconded to adjourn 8:45 pm. Motion carried 5-0.
/s/ Pat Raffety, Mayor
/s/ Cynthia Schumacher, Finance Officer
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