Grant County Commission Proceedings

Grant County Commission Proceedings

       November 5, 2019
The Grant County Commission met at 8 AM with Commissioners Buttke, Mach, Stengel, Street and Tostenson. Chairman Stengel called the meeting to order. Motion by Buttke and seconded by Street to approve the minutes of the October 15, 2019 meeting. Motion carried 5-0. Minutes filed. Motion by Tostenson and seconded by Buttke to approve the agenda with the deletion of a plat under the consent agenda, item 1(d). Motion carried 5-0. 
Members of the public present were Jim DeVaal, Brian Schneck, Brad Wilson, Dan Loehrer, Paul Nelson, Clark Mastel and Dick Berens. 
The Chairman called for public comment. Dick Berens, as a former commissioner, wanted to say the Commission works for the whole county even though each of the Board represents a district. Also, to keep in contact with the Auditor between meetings.  
Roads: A discussion was held with some of the silage haulers concerning the condition of the roads by the adverse weather conditions during the silage chopping season. Chairman Stengel stated the Commission was seeking input on how to alleviate issues going forward when similar weather conditions affect the roads again. Supt. Schultz stated he had been in contact with some of the haulers. The individuals involved in the chopping operation had made good attempts to remove the mud and level the ruts as the hauling was happening. The highway crew also had spent time reshaping and hauling gravel. Supt. Schultz reports the cost for these projects were $32,000 and stated some of the gravel could be reclaimed. Also, the mud on the road was being scraped off as the loads were being hauled out of the fields. Commissioner Street does not feel it is the county’s responsibility to pay for the repair of these heavily used roads. He suggested a three way spit between the contractor, hauler and the dairy. Commissioner Tostenson suggested notifying the public during silage cutting when the traffic is heavy due to hauling. Supt. Schultz suggested and agreed to have signs made for the contract haulers to place on the roads to alert the traffic of the road conditions of mud and slippery conditions.  Commissioner Street again addressed the issue of the cost of repair of the roads being paid by the haulers, landowner and dairies. Commissioner Tostenson asked for point of order.  Motion by Street to continue discussion of funding of the roads used by the silage haulers.  Chairman Stengel called for a second. Motion died due to a lack of a second. Members of the public who spoke were Dan Loehrer and Paul Nelson concerning the condition of the base of the roads, weight limits, ruts and passing the cost of repair back to the contractor. Motion by Tostenson and seconded by Street to have the Highway Supt. discuss these road concerns heard today, with the silage haulers, and work on forming acceptable solutions to repair or fix the roads. Motion carried 5-0.   
Consent: Motion by Mach and seconded by Buttke to approve the consent agenda.  Motion carried 5-0. 
1. Approve plats: 2019-32
Be it resolved that the Grant County Board of Commissioners having examined the within plat, do hereby approve DAKOTA RANGE III O&M BUILDING SUBDIVISION BEING A REPLAT OF A PORTION OF LOT 1 OLSON SUBDIVISION, LOCATED IN THE NORTHEAST QUARTER (NE1/4), SECTION 13, T121N, R52W OF THE 5TH P.M., GRANT COUNTY, SOUTH DAKOTA (FORMER SISSETON-WAHPETON INDIAN RESERVATION) the same for recording in the Office of the Register of Deeds, Grant County, South Dakota.
Dated this 5th day of November, 2019.
Doug Stengel, Chairman
Karen M. Layher, Auditor
It was moved by Commissioner Mach, seconded by Commissioner Buttke, motion carried that the LOTS 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 AND 6 OF DINTER’S PEACEFUL ACRES ADDITION IN THE N1/2 NW1/4, SECTION 7, TOWNSHIP 121 NORTH, RANGE 47 WEST OF THE 5TH P.M., GRANT COUNTY, SOUTH DAKOTA, as described above and hereon be approved and accepted and the Chairman is hereby instructed to endorse on such plat this resolution and to certify the same.  
Doug Stengel, Chairman
Board of Commissioners
Grant County, South Dakota 
It was moved by Commissioner Mach, seconded by Commissioner Buttke, motion carried that the LOTS 1A AND 2A OF MASTEL ADDITION IN THE NE1/4 OF SECTION 14, TOWNSHIP 120 NORTH, RANGE 49 WEST OF THE 5TH P.M., GRANT COUNTY, SOUTH DAKOTA, as described above and hereon be approved and accepted and the Chairman is hereby instructed to endorse on such plat this resolution and to certify the same.  
Doug Stengel, Chairman
Board of Commissioners
Grant County, South Dakota 
2. Declare surplus BE5006 UPS – no fixed asset number; HP Envy 5530 Printer, asset 10089; Rotating paperback video tower, asset 07990; Hon-swivel office chair (orange), asset 1788; Nakajima AE-710 Typewriter, asset 07755; APC UPS for VSO Computer, asset 0201A 
3. Approve auto supplement of expense and revenue from the 2018 Homeland Security Grant in the amount of $1,639.43 to the EM Fund 226
LTAP: Greg Vavra presented a Power Point on the effects of weight limits on roads. The presentation illustrated the effects a single axle versus multiple axels spreading the weight distribution over the road surface. The information presented indicated lower speed and single axles cause more damage to roads.  The Commission asked Greg if he would present this information at a public forum and he said yes. Motion by Tostenson and seconded by Street to sponsor an AG Forum on roads for educational information at the Farm and Home Show on Friday January 10 with Greg and his colleagues as presenters with the suggested topics of load limits effects on the infrastructure, effects on haul roads and the cost of repair and maintenance on roads. Motion carried 5-0.  
4-H: Advisor Sara Koepke reported interviews had been completed by a committee and she would like to hire Melissa Mueller as the FT administrative assistant. Motion by Mach and seconded by Buttke to approve hiring Melissa Mueller with a start date of November 12 at a rate of $14.50 per hour.  Motion carried 5-0. 4-H Grounds: Sara reported the report for the soil testing for the proposed exhibit building would be available after Veteran’s Day. 
SDMLWC: Grant County was honored for its 30 year membership in the SDML Workers’ Compensation Fund. The Fund is celebrating its 30 Year Anniversary by recognizing long-term loyal members. SDML Workers’ Compensation Fund Administrator Brad Wilson presented the plaque to Chairman Doug Stengel. The Fund was created in 1987 as a method of providing workers’ compensation coverage for employees of local government entities in South Dakota. 
Highway: Supt. Schultz provided the Commission with a report from Banner Associates on the tile elevations at Kaufman Slough. The elevations indicate if the tile was removed and an open ditch was used for the drainage of water, the slopes would be unmaintainable with the ditch located almost entirely on private property.  Supt. Schultz suggested the township consider a Mitigation Grant. The Commission discussed requesting the Fish and Wildlife Service from Webster be invited to a future meeting to discuss lowering the production area to reduce the water encroaching onto the public roads. Auditor Layher will contact Game and Fish.  
Supt. Schultz reported he has been receiving calls concerning ownership of culverts and bridges due to the FEMA disaster declaration. He reports the construction or replacing of any bridge or the placing or replacing of any culvert with an opening of less than sixteen square feet upon a secondary road within a township shall be at the total expense of the township. If a township board of supervisors or county highway superintendent requests the board of county commissioners to construct or replace in its entirety any bridge or the placing or replacing of any culvert with an opening of sixteen square feet or more including material upon the secondary roads within the township, the board of county commissioners may cause the work to be done. Finally, any structure over 20 feet in length and inspected is the County’s ownership.  Adams Township Supervisor Todd Lounsbery discussed with Supt Schultz replacing three bridges with culverts. No formal request has been made.  
Wellmark: The Commission reviewed information on a new program Wellmark is offering for Medicare-eligible retirees. There is not any cost to the county. The retiree must be 65 and the claims of the retiree program does not go against the county group plan. There are three plans for the retiree to choose from. The plan will allow retirees to transition to an employer group retiree program for their supplemental insurance plan. Motion by Tostenson and seconded by Mach to offer the Employer Group Retiree Program to Grant County retirees, minimum age 65. Motion carried 5-0. 
Liquor Licenses for 2020:  Auditor Layher presented the renewals for the 2020 liquor license period. The state law was changed effective 7-1-2011 to remove the public hearing requirement for renewals of licenses. Any new license or transfer of a license would require a public hearing. Motion by Mach and seconded by Buttke to approve the renewal of the liquor licenses for 2020 upon receipt of the completed applications. Motion carried 5-0. 
1. Bitter Sweet Lodge located at 15196 455th Ave., in Lura Township with a legal description of SW ¼ corner of the SW ¼ SW ¼, Section 7, Township 120, Range 51, Grant County for Retail (on-sale) Liquor 
2. Gertje Van Lith Post 229 American Legion Club, located in Lot A NE1/4NE1/4 (4.82A) Section 24, Township 121, Range 47, in Grant County, South Dakota for Retail (on-sale) Liquor
3. Whetstone Creek Golf Course with the legal description of NW1/4 EX Lot 1, 2nd Country Club Addn., EX W 550’ of OL A EX PT Platted and Sold and EX Road; Lt 1 Third Country Club Addn in NW1/4 & Lt 1, 4th Country Club Addn, Govt Lot 4 (142.42 A) for Retail (on-sale) Liquor  
4. Big Stone Pumpkin Patch located in Lot 1, Freiwald Addn in Gov’t Lots 1, 2, 7, 8 (6.16 Acres) Section 5, Twp 120, Range 47 for Retail (on-sale) Liquor 
Holidays: The Commission again discussed the holiday closing schedule for Christmas. Motion by Mach and seconded by Buttke to revise the holiday closing to state the County offices, except the Detention Center will be closed on December 24 and 25 for Christmas. Motion carried 5-0.   
P & Z: Zoning Administrator Krista Atyeo-Gortmaker requested the Commission to open Section 1209 for adding Public Campgrounds to the Home Extended Business in the Ordinance as well as definitions needed for the campground section. The procedure would be for the Planning Board to draft this addition, hold a public hearing and present their recommendation to the Commission who would also need to hold a public hearing. Motion by Tostenson and seconded by Buttke to open section 1209 of the Zoning Ordinance on Home Extended Business for consideration of adding public campgrounds and definitions. Motion carried 5-0.   
Unfinished Business: Commissioner Buttke reported the replacement windows for the east and south side of the courthouse will be installed by the end of the first week in December.  
New Business: Commissioners and officials will be attending the Lake Region District meeting on November 21 in Sisseton. It was noted a quorum may be present for the information meeting. 
Correspondence: An invitation was received noting the open house for the 40th anniversary of the Library to be held on Friday, November 15, from noon to 4:30 PM. The Visiting Neighbor 3rd Quarter report was noted. 
Executive Session: Motion by Mach and seconded by Buttke to enter into executive session at 10:47 AM for the purpose of a personnel issue pursuant to SDCL 1-25-2 (1). Motion carried 5-0. Auditor Layher, Treasurer Mueller and Planning Administrator Krista Atyeo-Gortmaker were present. Chairman Stengel declared the meeting open to the public at 12:10 PM. No action taken as a result of the executive session.
Claims: Motion by Street and seconded by Buttke to approve the claims as presented.  Motion carried 5-0. AL’S BODY SHOP, repair 535.00; AVERA MCKENNAN, prisoner care 211.78; AVERA QUEEN OF PEACE, DOT testing 70.55; BANNER ASSOCIATES, prof. services 24,041.50; BITUMINOUS PAVING, asphalt 73,839.82; BOB BARKER CO, supplies 310.38; BOYER TRUCK, parts 401.33; CENTER POINT, books 494.05; CHS, diesel 3,564.45; CITY OF MILBANK, water & sewer 554.23; CITY OF WATERTOWN, 911 surcharge 6,808.20; CONSOLIDATED READY MIX, stone/riprap 6,295.43; CUMMINS CENTRAL POWER, prof. services 1,627.61; CUSTODIAN SERVICES, repairs & maint 21.55; DAKOTA POWER EQUIPMENT, minor equip 560.83; DATASPEC, computer software 449.00; DELORES KELLY, prof. services 100.00; DELORIS J RUFER, lib. rent 100.00; DESIGN ELECTRONICS, supplies 15.00; DR BRYAN JOHNSON, prof. services 518.00; DUANE D ATHEY, prof. services 1,750.00; ELECTION SYSTEMS & SOFTWARE, license & maint 40.63; FIRST DISTRICT, prof. services 2,100.00; FISHER SAND & GRAVEL, stone/riprap 1,965.56; GALL’S, supplies 618.91; GJT INC, prisoner meals 582.75; GRANT CO EC & DEV BOARD, allocation 8,750.00; GRANT COUNTY REVIEW, publishing 1,142.55; GRANT/ROBERTS AMBULANCE, allocation 2,458.33; HP, minor equip 5,485.84; JAMAR TECHNOLOGIES, minor equip 2,622.75; JOHNSON FEED, supplies 5,475.87; JOURNEY GROUP, hwy projects 200,904.29; KIBBLE EQUIPMENT, minor equip 237.54; LEWIS FAMILY DRUG, supplies 104.24; LIBRARIAN’S CHOICE, books 296.20; MAC’S, minor equip 999.99; MACK STEEL WAREHOUSE, bridge materials 518.07; MICROMARKETING, books 81.98; MID STATES AUDIO, supplies 29.50; MIDAMERICA BOOKS, books 119.70; MIDCONTINENT COMMUNICATION, internet 105.61; MILBANK AREA HOSPITAL AVERA, BLABS 214.00; MILBANK COMMUNICATIONS, repair & maint 914.07; NORTHWESTERN ENERGY, natural gas 161.07; PENNINGTON CO JAIL, transport 278.20; PETTY CASH, postage 14.95; QUICK PRO LUBE, oil changes 168.93; QUILL CORPORATION, supplies 61.22; RDO EQUIPMENT, parts 382.97; RUNNINGS SUPPLY, supplies 141.49; RYAN MAGEDANZ, prof services 177.40; SCOTT R BRATLAND, court appt atty 4,088.98; SD ASSN CO COMMISSIONERS, clerp 2,563.00; SD ATTORNEY GENERAL, SCRAM & PBT 792.00; SD DEPT OF HEALTH, BLABS 80.00; ST WILLIAMS CARE CENTER, inmate laundry 189.90; STAR LAUNDRY, prof. services 72.89; THE PENWORTHY COMPANY, books 110.05; TRAPP PLUMBING COMPANY, prof. services 179.52; TRUENORTH STEEL, hwy projects 25,883.17; TWIN VALLEY TIRE, supplies 301.00; UNTANGLE HOLDINGS, computer maint 1,350.00; VALLEY RENTAL & RECYCLING, allocation 650.00; VERIZON WIRELESS, hotspot 38.52. TOTAL 395,722.35.
JUROR FEES 1905.68.
Payroll for the following departments and offices for the month of October 2019 are as follows: Commissioners 5,260.60; AuditoR 17,709.66; Treasurer 9,917.07; States Attorney 11,537.34; Custodians 5,586.58; Dir. Of Equalization 6,902.78; Reg. of Deeds 7,085.72; VET. SERV. OFFICER 1,267.50; Sheriff 22,595.59; Communication CTR 12,174.05; Public HEALTH Nurse 1,404.30; ICAP 687.00; Visiting Neighbor 2,643.22; Library 12,238.99; 4-H 3,423.68; Weed Control 4,111.50; PLAN & ZONING 1,893.76; Road & Bridge 54,381.65; EMERGENCY MANAGEMENT 3,295.65. TOTAL: $184,116.64.
Payroll Claims: FIRST BANK & TRUST, Fed WH 14,884.38; FIRST BANK & TRUST, FICA WH & Match 22,432.38; FIRST BANK & TRUST, Medicare WH & Match 5,246.22; American Family Life, AFLAC ins. 2,187.24; WELLMARK-Blue Cross of SD, Employee and Commission health ins. 46,571.25; DEARBORN NATIONAL, life ins. 278.44; LEGAL SHIELD, deduction 88.65; OFFICE OF CHILD SUPPORT ENFORCEMENT, child support 525.00; OPTILEGRA, ins 369.73; SDRS SUPPLEMENTAL, deduction 3,225.00; SDRS, retire 20,027.82; COLONIAL LIFE INS, ins 98.67. TOTAL: $115,934.78.
It is the policy of Grant County, South Dakota, not to discriminate against the handicapped in employment or the provision of service.
The next scheduled meeting dates will be November 19, and December 3, 17 and 31, 2019 at 8 AM. Motion by Mach and seconded by Buttke to adjourn the meeting. Motion carried 5-0. Meeting adjourned.
 /s/ Doug Stengel, Chairman, Grant County Comm.
/s/ Karen M. Layher, 
Grant County Auditor              


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