Grant County Commission Proceedings

Grant County Commission Proceedings


       December 3, 2019
The Grant County Commission met at 8 AM with Commissioners Buttke, Mach, Stengel, Street and Tostenson. Chairman Stengel called the meeting to order. Motion by Mach and seconded by Buttke to approve the minutes of the November 19, 2019 meeting. Motion carried 5-0. Minutes filed. Motion by Mach and seconded by Tostenson to approve the agenda with the addition of a discussion item of the citizens’ complaints filed with the Zoning Officer under New Business.  Motion carried 5-0. 
Members of the public present were Al Robish, Amber Christenson, Kristi Mogen, Bobbie Bohlen, Amy Sis, April Templin, Ronald Meister, Lowell Boe, Jared Lee and Brad Wilson. 
The Chairman called for public comment. Al Robish expressed his frustration on the length of time it is taking to receive a response from the Zoning Administrator on the complaints that were filed concerning the Crowned Wind Ridge I and II projects. 
Highway: Supt. Schultz presented a change order for the bridge preservation projects 26-309-029, 26-352-030 & 26-360-032. The change order is due to adjustment for “as-built quantities” for a wider turn radius on a corner, a larger slope on a ditch and a change in the guard rail materials for an increase in the amount of $22,822.29. The final contract amount is $876,544.12. Motion by Street and seconded by Buttke to approve Chairman Stengel signing Change Order 1 for the bridge preservation project. Motion carried 5-0. Rumble Strip: An agreement from the SD DOT for rumble strips/pavement marking for three locations in the county was reviewed. These sites are chosen based on traffic count. Rumble strips will be added on Old Hwy 81 starting at the corner of 149th St going south to the Codington County line, County Road 31 north of Hwy 12, and County Road 39 south of State Hwy 12. This project is funded 100% by the Highway Safety Improvement Program federal funding. The County’s obligation is to maintain the project after completion. Motion by Buttke and seconded by Street to approve signing the Joint Powers Agreement for Project PH 0010(155) PCN 06TV. Motion carried 5-0. 5 Yr Highway Plan: A copy of the approved plan was provided to the Commission and a review of the designated revenue and expenses for 2020 was done. The plan is on file in the Auditor’s Office. A discussion was held on the bridge to be replaced on County Road 19 in section 31 of Grant Center Twp. This bridge will be replaced using county funds in 2020. Commissioner Stengel requested Supt. Schultz to contact the Alban Twp. Supervisor Dave Meyer to determine when the Township plans on completing the culvert replacement on 151st St.  
11/05, UPI, No bid; Cenex, 2.65 (Diesel #2); Cenex was the only bidder for a blend of Diesel 1 and 2 at 2.65 for same day delivery.
11/18, UPI, 2.50 (Ethanol), and 2.57 for (Diesel #2); Cenex, 2.37 (Ethanol, and 2.65 (Diesel #2); Cenex was the low bidder for Ethanol at 2.37 and UPI was the low bidder for a blend of Diesel 1 and 2 at 2.57.
11/26, UPI, 2.57 (Diesel #2); Cenex, 2.65 (Diesel #2); UPI was the low bidder for a blend of Diesel 1 and 2 at 2.57.
2020 Salary Resolution: Auditor Layher provided the Commission with the proposed wage scale for 2020 based on a 3% increase for staff. Supt. Schultz requested a change in the job classifications in his department. He requested to have two separate wage scales for truck drivers and motor grader operators with an adjustment of 5% increase for the motor grader position. In the 2019 salary schedule these positions were in the same category. Kerwin stated filling the position of a motor grader operator has been a challenge this past year and he would like to go back to having a division between truck driver and the motor grader operator.  Motion by Street and seconded by Buttke to approve a 3% increase in wages for employees and to approve Supt. Schultz request as presented. Motion carried 5-0. 
Payroll: Motion by Street and seconded by Buttke to change payroll from a monthly to semi-monthly cycle with the pay dates to be the 14th and 28th of each month. Motion carried 5-0. 
Kaufman Slough: Brad Wilson and Jared Lee with the US Fish and Wildlife Services at Waubay reported they had inspected the Kaufman Slough area.  Commissioner Street has been requested by his constituents concerning the water level encroaching onto the roads in this area. Brad and Jared, with US Fish and Wildlife, reported they had been on site and believe it would be beneficial to have another person from their department do additional surveying of the Wildlife production area, but from their initial inspection, there was not any indication of water being held back from flowing. The high precipitation and snow pack are the major factors of the high water level. They will report back to the Commission any additional information in the future.  
Soil Conservation: Amy Sis, April Templin and Ronald Meister discussed financial issues the district is experiencing due to the tough year of tree planting and unpaid bills from clients. Their request is for an advance from next year’s allocation. Auditor Layher advised the Commission that any payment made to the District in 2019 would be an expense this year and would come out of the Contingency budget. Motion by Tostenson and seconded by Mach to authorize a payment of $12,000 to the Grant County Soil Conservation District with a report on the financials to be presented at a January Commission meeting. Motion carried 5-0.   
Discretionary Formula: Deputy DOE Casey Cameron and Economic Development Director Bobbie Bohlen were present for a discussion on the proposed construction of four duplexes to be built qualifying for the discretionary formula adopted by resolution 2018-18. Through the interpretation of Dept. of Revenue and the States Attorney, this housing development qualifies for the discretionary formula and no further action is needed by the Commission.  
2020 Health Insurance:  The health insurance plan for 2020 will increase by 3.91%. Motion by Tostenson and seconded by Street to approve Wellmark as the health insurance provider for 2020 with the same benefit plan as 2019. Motion carried 5-0. The premiums for coverage to be $895.04 for single, $1,833.05 for employee /spouse (county pays the single portion), $1,694.31 for employee /children (county pays the single portion) and $2,746.88 for family coverage (county pays half). 
Executive Session: Motion by Tostenson and seconded by Mach to enter into executive session at 9:37 AM for the purpose of a personnel issue pursuant to SDCL 1-25-2 (1). Motion carried 5-0. Auditor Layher was present for the session.  Chairman Stengel declared the meeting open at 10:00 AM. No action taken as a result of the executive session. 
Unfinished Business: None
New Business: Commissioner Street had questions on how the complaint process is handled through the zoning ordinance and the length of time it takes for the complaint to be answered. 
Correspondence: The Commission was invited to attend the 3rd Annual CAFO Forum on December 6 in Watertown. Commissioners and officials will be in attendance. An invitation was extended by the Development Corporation to attend the Mingle Jingle on December 5th at the Visitor Center. 
Consent: Motion by Mach and seconded by Buttke to approve the consent agenda.  Motion carried 5-0. 
1. Approve the 2020 Consultant Contract in the amount of $7,479.03 for Community Health Nurse Services with the Dept of Health 
Claims: Motion by Tostenson and seconded by Mach to approve the claims as presented.  Motion carried 5-0. ADVANCED TECHNOLOGIES, supplies 216.89; BANNER ASSOCIATES, hwy projects 23,956.75; BUTLER, supplies 128.24; CENTER POINT, books 136.49; CHS, ethanol 1,315.35; CITY OF MILBANK, water & sewer 586.39; CITY OF WATERTOWN, 911 surcharge 5,855.30; COLEPAPERS, supplies 112.94; CRAWFORD-OSTHUS FUNERAL, prof services 3,100.00; CREATIVE PRODUCT SOURCE, supplies 193.81; DELORIS J RUFER, lib rent 100.00; EMERY PRATT CO, book 12.75; GALL'S, supplies 252.98; GRANT CO SOIL CONSERVATION, allocation 12,000.00; GRANT COUNTY REVIEW, publishing 430.26; GRANT CO TREASURER, registration 52.00; GRANT/ROBERTS AMBULANCE, allocation & prof services 4,262.37; JOURNEY GROUP, hwy projects 116,250.81; KIBBLE EQUIP, repairs & supplies 379.20; LABOLT DEVELOPMENT, lib internet 160.00; LAKER CHEMICAL, asphalt 774.50; MILBANK AREA HOSPITAL, blabs 642.00; MOUNTAIN PLAINS LIBRARY ASSOC, dues 40.00; MUNDWILER FUNERAL HOME, prof services 3,347.00; NESS DOOR, repair & maint 1,145.08; NORTHERN TRUCK EQUIP, repairs & maint 532.24; NORTHWESTERN ENERGY, natural gas 675.34; PCMG, computer software 143.00; POSTMASTER, postage 147.00; RDO EQUIP, supplies 53.58; REGENCY MIDWEST VENTURES, motel 693.00; RENAE SUE KRUSE THORNTON, mental ill bd 287.15; ROCKMOUNT RESEARCH & ALLOY, supplies 193.68; RUNNINGS, supplies 542.06; SCANTRON, minor equip 4,973.90; SCOTT R BRATLAND, court appt atty 4,088.98; SD ASSN CO COMM, clerp 1,842.00; SD CONTINUING LEGAL ED, reference books 500.00; SD DEPT OF HEALTH, blabs 160.00; STAR LAUNDRY, prof services 80.07; STATE OF SD, supplies 166.00; STERN OIL COMP, supplies 1,209.46; PENWORTHY CO, books 102.30; TROY HOYLES, prof services 175.00; TRUENORTH STEEL, hwy projects 35,893.50; TWIN VALLEY TIRE, repairs 667.37; TYLER TECH, maint 19,477.72; UNZEN MOTORS, oil chg 75.80; UPI PETROLEUM, diesel fuel 6,425.00; VALLEY OFFICE PRODUCTS, supplies 811.71; VALLEY RENTAL & RECYCLING, allocation 650.00; VISA, gas, books, supplies 6,199.48. TOTAL: $262,216.45
Payroll for the following departments and offices for the month of November 2019 are as follows: Commissioners 5,260.60; AuditoR 19,743.96; Treasurer 10,445.32; States Attorney 11,791.74; Custodians 6,127.71; Dir. Of Equalization 7,540.81; Reg. of Deeds 7,363.33; VET. SERV. OFFICER 1,584.38; Sheriff 24,364.16; Communication CTR 12,740.00; Public HEALTH Nurse 1,698.75; ICAP 755.70; Visiting Neighbor 2,787.77; Library 13,522.63; 4-H 4,623.85; Weed Control 3,927.83; PLAN & ZONING 2,039.06; Road & Bridge 61,080.34; EMERGENCY MANAGEMENT 3,562.35. TOTAL: $200,960.29.
Payroll Claims: FIRST BANK & TRUST, Fed WH 16,503.09; FIRST BANK & TRUST, FICA WH & Match 24,514.50; FIRST BANK & TRUST, Medicare WH & Match 5,733.18; American Family Life, AFLAC ins. 2,239.89; WELLMARK-Blue Cross of SD, Employee and Commission health ins. 46,571.25; DEARBORN NATIONAL, life ins. 278.44; LEGAL SHIELD, deduction 88.65; OFFICE OF CHILD SUPPORT ENFORCEMENT, child support 525.00; OPTILEGRA, ins 369.73; SDRS SUPPLEMENTAL, deduction 3,225.00; SDRS, retire 21,874.01; COLONIAL LIFE INS, ins 98.67. TOTAL: $122,021.41.
It is the policy of Grant County, South Dakota, not to discriminate against the handicapped in employment or the provision of service.
The next scheduled meeting dates will be December 17 and 31, 2019 at 8 AM.  Motion by Buttke and seconded by Mach to adjourn the meeting. Motion carried 5-0. Meeting adjourned.
 /s/ Doug Stengel, Chairman, Grant County Comm.
/s/ Karen M. Layher, 
Grant County Auditor              


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