Grant County Commission Proceedings

       October 1, 2019
    The Grant County Commission met at 8 AM with Commissioners Buttke, Stengel, Street and Tostenson. Commissioner Mach was absent. Chairman Stengel called the meeting to order. Motion by Tostenson and seconded by Buttke to approve the agenda as presented and to move approval of the September 24 minutes to October 15. Motion carried 4-0.
    Members of the public present were Robert Spartz, David Lau, Jerry Zubke and Jay Gilbertson.
    The Chairman called for public comment. No one present offered any comment.
    Drainage: Chairman Stengel adjourned the Board of Commissioners and convened the commission acting as the Drainage Board. The Drainage Officer presented the following permits.
    Drainage Permit DR2019-33 by Gerald and Leslie Peters in the NE1/4NW1/4 & NW1/4NE1/4 of Section 16, Township 121, Range 48 West of the 5th Principal Meridian, Grant County, South Dakota. (Melrose Township) The request, if granted, would allow for spring runoff and to plant in a timely manner.
    This ditch conversion would allow surface water to be placed into a permitted tile located to the south of this property as a cooperative project. The water in the tile flows south and goes into the same natural run for the overland water that flows to the east.
    Chairman Stengel vacated the Chair. Vice Chairman Mach was absent. Auditor Layher called for a motion to appoint a Chairman. Motion by Tostenson and seconded by Street to appoint Buttke. Motion carried 3-0. Commissioner Buttke assumed the chair.
    Drainage Administrator reported she had met with Ben and Kaylee Arlt and the tiler, Jerry Zubke, after last week’s meeting to explain the project and water flow direction. The Arlts understand it is an approvable permit but, still do not want to receive too much water or not get enough water to support their animal operation. Commissioner Street addressed the issue of the overland water flow onto the Arlt’s property. There are two large culverts on the Stengel property directing the water flow to the east towards the Arlt property. Commissioner Tostenson called for point of order. Chairman Buttke called for a motion. Motion by Street and seconded by Tostenson to approve DR 2019-33 as presented. Motion carried 3-0.  
    Commissioner Buttke vacated the chair and Commissioner Stengel assumed the Chair.
    A letter from Ben Arlt was given to the Drainage Officer during the Wollschlager discussion for a culvert.  
    Georgia Township Supervisor Robert Spartz addressed the Board on the request presented at the meeting on September 24 for the installation of a culvert between Section 21 and 20 from Tom Wollschlager.  This is a new culvert installation and in accordance to the FEMA requirements, any change affecting drainage should be presented to the Drainage Board.  Supervisor Spartz explained the receiving landowner, Ron Meyer, does not want to receive any more water. Also, Tom Wollschlager has a verbal agreement with the Township to maintain the road during his use when hauling manure.  At this time, the Supervisor Spartz stated the Board of Supervisors wishes to withdraw the request for the addition of a culvert. No action was taken.   
    This concluded the business for the Drainage Board. Chairman Stengel adjourned the Drainage Board and reconvened the Board of Commissioners.
    Highway: Supt. Schultz presented for signature the Bridge Improvement Grant Agreement for preliminary engineering on two bridges that were awarded a BIG grant. The bridges numbers are 26-310-056 and 26-320.053. The two bridges projects are BRO 8026(00) 20-1, PCN 07LJ and BRO 8026(00) 20-2, PCN 07LK. Each bridge was awarded $20,100 for the preliminary engineering with a 50/50 cost share. Motion by Tostenson and seconded by Buttke to authorize Chairman Stengel to sign the agreements. Motion carried 4-0. LTAP: Commissioner Street reported he had spoken with Greg at LTAP on weight limits during spring thaw. Greg offered to meet with the Commission on the issue.  Auditor Layher will contact him to set up a time he can attend a commission meeting.    
    P & Z: The Commission continued the discussion on private campgrounds. Chairman Stengel reported he had contacted States Attorney Reedstrom and Todd Kays at First District who questioned issues of roads, addressing and other areas affecting first responders.  P & Z Administrator referred to Section 1209 of the zoning ordinance entitled “Extended Home Occupation”, item e “other”. This section has been used in the past for the issuance of a CUP provided that all conditions are met and it is the opinion of the BOA that the proposed business would not interfere with the adjoining land uses. The Commission supports business growth and would like to have the campground proposals brought forth for the BOA to hear as well as possible changes to the zoning to clarify this type of business. Motion by Tostenson and seconded by Buttke for Chairman Stengel to send a letter of to the Board of Adjustment supporting business growth, such as campgrounds, provided the emergency service issues are taken into consideration.  Motion carried 4-0.  
    Executive Session: Motion by Street and seconded by Buttke to enter into executive session at 8:50 AM for the purpose of a personnel issue pursuant to SDCL 1-25-2 (1). Motion carried 4-0. Auditor Layher was present. Chairman Stengel declared the meeting open to the public at 9:00 AM. No action taken.
    Unfinished Business: None   
    New Business: None  
    Correspondence: None
    Consent: Motion by Buttke and seconded by Street to approve the consent agenda.  Motion carried 4-0.
    1. Approve appointment of Deputy Sheriff Orville Folk to serve as a coroner
    Claims: Motion by Buttke and seconded by Tostenson to approve the claims as presented.  Motion carried 4-0.     
    AUSTIN, HINDERAKER, HOPPER, STRAIT, court appt atty 606.00; BIERSCHBACH EQUIPMENT, supplies 60.00; BOYER TRUCK, return, repairs 63.16; CENTER POINT, books 470.80; CITY OF MILBANK, water & sewer 641.37; CITY OF WATERTOWN, 911 surcharge 6,407.29; CONSOLIDATED READY MIX, supplies 1,371.75; COVER ONE, minor equip 979.80; DELORIS J RUFER, lib rent 100.00; GEOTEK ENGINEERING & TESTING, prof. services 3,200.00; GRANT COUNTY REVIEW, publishing 483.32; GRANT/ROBERTS AMBULANCE, allocation & prof. services 3,562.33; KEVIN MEYER, supplies 199.99; LIBRARIANS’ BOOK EXPRESS, books 182.97; MICROMARKETING, books 31.99; NORTHWESTERN ENERGY, natural gas 40.45; POSTMASTER, postage 147.00; QUILL CORP, supplies 391.87; REGENCY MIDWEST VENTURES, motel 91.00; RUNNINGS SUPPLY, supplies 256.51; SCOTT R BRATLAND, court appt atty 4,088.98; SD STATE HISTORICAL SOCIETY, ref books 120.00; STEVEN L RHODY, prof services 200.00; STURDEVANTS, supplies 73.38; TITAN MACHINERY, parts 131.16; TRANSOURCE TRUCK & EQUIP, parts 513.42; TWIN VALLEY TIRE, tires 679.00; UPI PETROLEUM, diesel fuel 3,238.72; US HOTEL ACS VENTURES, motel 407.80; VALLEY RENTAL & RECYCLING, allocation 650.00. TOTAL: 29,390.06.
    Payroll for the following departments and offices for the month of September 2019 are as follows: Commissioners 5,260.60; AuditoR 18,253.81; Treasurer 10,176.87; States Attorney 11,664.54; Custodians 5,537.60; Dir. Of Equalization 7,347.41; Reg. of Deeds 7,224.52; VET. SERV. OFFICER 1,535.63; Sheriff 20,337.32; Communication CTR 13,614.23; Public HEALTH Nurse 1,521.33; ICAP 721.35; Visiting Neighbor 3,033.12; Library 13,226.61; 4-H 6,644.31; Weed Control 4,250.21; PLAN & ZONING 5,229.69; Road & Bridge 58,382.36; EMERGENCY MANAGEMENT 3,409.95. TOTAL: $197,371.46.
    Payroll Claims: FIRST BANK & TRUST, Fed WH 15,733.76; FIRST BANK & TRUST, FICA WH & Match 24,065.48; FIRST BANK & TRUST, Medicare WH & Match 5,628.24; American Family Life, AFLAC ins. 2,285.07; WELLMARK-Blue Cross of SD, Employee and Commission health ins. 45,709.92; DEARBORN NATIONAL, life ins. 278.44; LEGAL SHIELD, deduction 88.65; OFFICE OF CHILD SUPPORT ENFORCEMENT, child support 525.00; OPTILEGRA, ins 356.13; SDRS SUPPLEMENTAL, deduction 3,225.00; SDRS SUPPLEMENTAL, special pay 4,656.00; SDRS SUPPLEMENTAL, fee 45.00; SDRS, retire 21,041.66; COLONIAL LIFE INS, ins 98.67. TOTAL: $123,737.02.
    It is the policy of Grant County, South Dakota, not to discriminate against the handicapped in employment or the provision of service.
    The next scheduled meeting dates will be Tuesday, October 15, and November 5 and 19, 2019 at 8 AM.  Motion by Street and seconded by Buttke to adjourn the meeting. Motion carried 4-0. Meeting adjourned.
          /s/ Doug Stengel, Chairman, Grant County Comm.
/s/ Karen M. Layher,
Grant County Auditor                   


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