Grant County Commission Proceedings

        December 31, 2019
The Grant County Commission met at 8 AM with Commissioners Buttke, Mach, Street and Tostenson. Commissioner Stengel was absent. Vice-chairman Mach called the meeting to order. Motion by Tostenson and seconded by Buttke to approve the minutes of the December 17 and 19, 2019 meetings. Motion carried 4-0. Minutes filed. Motion by Buttke and seconded by Street to approve the agenda as presented.  Motion carried 4-0.
Member of the public present was Kristi Mogen. 
The vice-chairman called for public comment. Kristi Mogen addressed the Commission on the PUC hearing held on December 30 where she filed six complaints against Crown Ridge Wind. The complaints addressed a change in tower size from 2.3 to 2.7 with the tower governed back to 2.3 and taxes being generated on the 2.3 rate rather than the name plate capacity of 2.7. She stated the PUC deferred action until January 7. She also spoke on the wind company following the county ordinance as the applicant must follow the most restrictive rules. She also addressed the Commission on requesting a stop order through the States Attorney to allow time for all these issues to be resolved.  
Highway: Supt. Schultz brought forth the motor grader proposal from the National Joint Powers Alliance. This organization goes through the bid process. This RFP is a competitive bid proposal that allows other government entities to purchase from the listed equipment items. The quote received is for a 2020 John Deere 772G motor grader for $334,067.27 which includes a comprehensive 84 month or 7,500 hours warranty and a 2020 Little Falls Machine 2012 wing. Supt. Schultz stated this machine has more horse power and quicker hydraulics than other units bid. Motion by Tostenson and seconded by Street to purchase the John Deere motor grader from RDO for a cost of $334,067.27 with the condition to entertain a discussion on retaining the 2011 Caterpillar when the Commission discusses declaring the unit surplus. Motion carried 4-0.  
Commissioner Tostenson excused himself from the meeting at 8:45 AM. 
2019 Year End: The Commission reviewed the year end financials and the following actions were done. 
Allocations: Motion by Street and seconded by Buttke to approve the following allocations. Motion carried 3-0. Revillo Fire Dept: $10,000.
Commissioner Tostenson rejoined the meeting at 9:27 AM.
Contingency: Motion by Street and seconded by Buttke to approve the following year-end contingency transfers. Motion carried 4-0.
#112 Contingency, #111 Commission, 
#112 Contingency, #130 Judicial, 3,800
#112 Contingency, #161 Government 
Building, 14,760
#112 Contingency, #162 Director of 
Equalization, 3,000
#112 Contingency, #211 Sheriff, 40,150
#112 Contingency, #445 Mental Illness 
Board, 4,400   
#112 Contingency, #523 4-H, 6,320
#112 Contingency, #612 Conservation, 
#112 Contingency, #624 Drainage, 
Total General Fund, 88,430
#112 Contingency, #225 911 Service 
Fund. 1,475
Total Contingency Transfers, 89,905
Unused Contingency Budget for 2019, 
Unused Budget Authority: General 
Fund, 306,127
Unused Budget Authority: Highway 
Fund, 7,983   
Cash Transfers: Motion by Buttke and seconded by Street to approve a cash transfer.  Motion carried 4-0.  
101 General, #201 Highway Fund, 
Capital Designation: Motion by Tostenson and seconded by Street to approve the following list of capital designations for YE 2019 within the General Fund. Motion carried 4-0.
Courthouse Tuck pointing, $75,000
Software/ Hardware Upgrade, $30,000
Library, $70,000
Highway Road Projects, $975,000
Gov’t Bldgs-Heating/AC, $250,000
Radio Upgrade, $100,000
Total Designations, $1,500,000
2020 Holidays: Motion by Street and seconded by Buttke to approve the 2020 holiday schedule as presented. Motion carried 4-0. 
2020 Salary Resolution: Motion by Tostenson and seconded by Buttke to approve the 3% salary increase for employees and creating a new category for Highway Truck Operator with beginning wage starting at $17.90 per hour. Motion carried and resolution adopted 4-0.
Salary Resolution
WHEREAS, the Grant County Commission must establish and publish salaries of all officials and employees of the county as per SDCL 6-1-10.
Payroll: Marty Buttke 1,072.96; Mike Mach 1,072.96; Doug Stengel 1,072.96; William Street 1,072.96; William Tostenson 1,072.96; Karen Layher 5,170.08; John Gill 21.50 per hr; Kathy Folk 17.95 per hr; Stephanie Pauli 17.60 per hr; Jennifer Waniorek 16.60 per hr; Raynelle Mueller 4,215.72; Annette Redepenning 17.95 per hr; Karla DeVaal 17.35 per hr; Mark Reedstrom 8,987.50; Kathleen Strei 16.35 per hr; David Larsen 20.10 per hr; Candace Mohnsen 14.20 per hr; David Spors 13.70 per hr; Kathy Steinlicht 23.85 per hr; Casey Cameron 18.15 per hr; Krista Atyeo-Gortmaker 19.30 per hr; Rebecca Wellnitz 4,215.72; Vickie Gulley 17.95 per hr; Brittany Folk 17.25 per hr; Kevin Owen 5,466.64; Mark Leusink 23.60 per hr;  Orville Folk 22.80 per hr; Jeremy Steffensen 23.40 per hr; Ryan Bakeberg 22.30 per hr; Ashley Hanson 16.15 pr hr; Rita German 16.45 per hr; James Beyer 15.25 per hr; Madison Rosenthal 15.50 per hr; Andrew Pillatzki 15.95 per hr; Kevin Speaker 16.15 per hr; Scott Malimanek 16.75 per hr; Edna Englund 11.80 per hr; Jessica Anderson 15.55 per hr; Marie Loutsch 14.20 per hr; Linda Raffety 14.50 per hr; Jody Carlson 3,618.06; Stephanie Folk 13.80 per hr; Yvette Johnson 14.30 per hr; Cindy Jungers 14.60 per hr; Janelle Kelly 14.60 per hr; Shawna Przybycien 17.20 per hr; Patricia Rench 14.30 per hr; Barbara Robinson 13.80 per hr;  Tammy Rufer 14.40 per hr; Kelly Whitesitt 13.80 per hr; Tammy Wollschlager 16.30 per hr;  Sharon Wieber 14.40 per hr; Sara Koepke 19.65 per hr; Melissa Mueller 14.95 per hr; Nathan Mueller 20.70 per hr;  Kerwin Schultz 5,170.08; William Steinlicht 16.95 per hr; Jason Tiesing 18.15 per hr; David Athey 18.50 per hr; Dale Brandt 18.80 per hr; Ken Brotzel 18.70 per hr; David Schulte 18.75 per hr; Blain Gatz 19.85 per hr; Brian Greiner 19.65 per hr; Robert Grewing 19.65 per hr; Ronald Grewing 19.30 per hr; Marcus Joachim 19.70 per hr;  Justin Layher 21.65 per hr; Eric Mueller 19.45 per hr; Roy Nielsen 17.95 per hr; Daren Peterson 22.75 per hr;  Sandra Ramsdell 19.65 per hr;  Kevin Schuelke 19.60 per hr;  P&Z Bd 175.00 per mtg; Library Bd 25.00 per mtg; Visiting Neighbor Bd 25.00 per mtg; Weed Bd 25.00 per mtg;  Election worker 11.05 hr; Matron 17.10 per hr; Transport Officer 18.40 per hr; Coroner 79.60 per call; Fill-in Deputy Sheriff $22.30 per hr; Phone stipend: Maintenance supervisor $15.00 a month; Sheriff deputies $30.00 a month; EM director $30.00 a month; 4-H advisor $30.00 per month; shift premium differential (dispatcher) .45 per hour.
NOW THEREFORE BE IT RESOLVED, that the Grant County Commission of Grant County does hereby adopt the Salary Resolution 2019-36 for the year 2020.
Dated this 31st day of December, 2019.
Michael Mach, Vice Chairman
Grant County Commission
Karen M. Layher
Grant County Auditor
Unfinished Business: None 
New Business: None 
Correspondence: None
Consent: Motion by Buttke and seconded by Street to approve the consent agenda.  Motion carried 4-0.
1. Approve the J. Paul Consulting contract for the 2020 POD Plan for $4,500
Claims: Motion by Street and seconded by Tostenson to approve the claims as presented.  Motion carried 4-0. AVERA MCKENNAN, health services 35.00; BANNER ASSOCIATES, hwy projects 1,933.20; BERENS WAREHOUSE, supplies 405.70; BIG STONE CO SHERIFF, prof services 66.00; CENTURYLINK, phone 452.73; CHRISTOPHER NOELDNER, prof services 5,000.00; CHS, propane 721.47; CITY OF WATERTOWN, 911 surcharge 6,340.85; DAKOTA STRUCTURES, hwy projects 4,897.61; DAKTECH, minor equip. 1,720.00; DEMCO, supplies 86.93; FIRST DISTRICT, prof. services 1,459.04; FISHER SAND & GRAVEL, hwy projects 1,200.33; GRANT COUNTY REVIEW, publishing 347.89; HARTMAN’S, meals 29.04; INTOXIMETERS, supplies 325.00; KIBBLE EQUIPMENT, supplies 16.51; LARRY’S REFRIGERATION, prof. services 7,149.59; LEWIS FAMILY DRUG, supplies 6.96; MICROFILM IMAGING SYSTEMS, prof. services 3,680.00; MILBANK AREA HOSPITAL AVERA, BLABS 535.00; MILBANK FORD & MERCURY, repair & maint 68.99; NESS DOOR, repairs & maint. 1,068.02; NORTHWESTERN ENERGY, natural gas 928.57; PETERS DISTRIBUTING, repair & maint. 1,004.77; QUICK PRO LUBE, oil chg 134.17; REAL MANUFACTURING, minor equip. 5,000.00; REDWOOD TOXICOLOGY LAB, supplies 215.82; RENODRY, contracted proj. 17,826.00; REVILLO FIRE DEPT, allocation 10,000.00; ROGER A. BRIGGS, supplies 56.30; SCANTRON CORP., minor equip & computer maint 10,569.23; SD BUREAU OF ADMINISTRATION, overpayment 90.61; SD DEPT OF HEALTH, BLABS 240.00; SD DEPT TRANSPORTATION, hwy project 7,589.21; SEEHAFER HARDWARE, supplies 49.98; SIOUX SALES COMPANY, supplies 829.95; STAR LAUNDRY, prof. services 63.65; STATE OF SD, supplies 82.00; THOMSON REUTERS – WEST, reference books 208.86; TRUENORTH STEEL, repair & maint. 101.00; UPI PETROLEUM, gas 1,707.55; VALLEY OFFICE PRODUCTS, supplies 606.24; VISA, software 544.54; WITTROCK & SON, garbage service 556.50. TOTAL: 95,950.81. 
Payroll for the following departments and offices for the month of December 2019 are as follows: Commissioners 5,260.60; AuditoR 17,922.52; Treasurer 9,899.72; States Attorney 11,537.34; Custodians 5,450.60; Dir. Of Equalization 6,942.37; Reg. of Deeds 7,085.72; VET. SERV. OFFICER 1,267.50; Sheriff 24,748.90; Communication CTR 13,809.49; Public HEALTH Nurse 1,570.40; ICAP 652.65; Visiting Neighbor 2,750.07; Library 13,067.09; 4-H 5,683.00; Weed Control 3,355.65; PLAN & ZONING 6,021.88; Road & Bridge 52,420.06; EMERGENCY MANAGEMENT 3,200.40. TOTAL: $192,645.96.
Payroll Claims: FIRST BANK & TRUST, Fed WH 15,161.71; FIRST BANK & TRUST, FICA WH & Match 23,476.98; FIRST BANK & TRUST, Medicare WH & Match 5,490.52; American Family Life, AFLAC ins. 2,239.89; WELLMARK-Blue Cross of SD, Employee and Commission health ins. 48,393.92; DEARBORN NATIONAL, life ins. 278.44; LEGAL SHIELD, deduction 88.65; OFFICE OF CHILD SUPPORT ENFORCEMENT, child support 525.00; OPTILEGRA, ins 369.73; SDRS SUPPLEMENTAL, deduction 3,225.00; SDRS, retire 20,660.37; COLONIAL LIFE INS, ins 98.67. TOTAL: $120,008.88.
Executive Session: Motion by Buttke and seconded by Street to enter into executive session at 10:16 AM for the purpose of a personnel issue pursuant to SDCL 1-25-2 (1) and for the purpose of litigation issues pursuant to SDCL 1-25-2(3). Motion carried 4-0. Auditor Layher was present for the session and P & Z Officer Krista Atyeo-Gortmaker was present for a portion of the session. Commissioner Buttke excused himself from the session at 10:58 AM and rejoined the session at 12:02 PM. Vice-chairman Mach declared the meeting open at 12:36 PM.  No action taken as a result of the executive session. 
It is the policy of Grant County, South Dakota, not to discriminate against the handicapped in employment or the provision of service.
The next scheduled meeting dates will be January 7 and 21, 2020 at 8 AM.  Motion by Tostenson and seconded by Buttke to adjourn the meeting. Motion carried 4-0. Meeting adjourned.
/s/ Mike Mach, Vice Chairman, 
Grant County Comm.
/s/ Karen M. Layher, 
Grant County Auditor              


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