Grant County Commission Proceedings

        August 20, 2019
    The Grant County Commission met at 8 AM with Commissioners Buttke, Mach, Stengel, Street and Tostenson. Chairman Stengel called the meeting to order. Motion by Mach and seconded by Tostenson to approve the minutes of the August 6, 2019 meeting. Motion carried 5-0. Minutes filed. Motion by Street and seconded by Buttke to approve the agenda as presented. Motion carried 5-0.
    Members of the public present were Gary and Kathy Granquist, Marvin Amdahl, Rolf Sherman, John Loeschke, Tim Wollschlager, Jay Elsberry, Dick Berens, Charlie Russman and Jason Sackreiter.  
    The Chairman called for public comment. Marvin Amdahl addressed the Commission on the wind farm companies reducing the number of acres under contract. Rolf Sherman, Pilot for Wilbur Ellis, offered an apology for not following the company rules on flagging the road he was going to land on. Jay Elsberry wanted to know what agency had jurisdiction on a bad check case.
    The Auditor’s account with the Treasurer for the month of July was noted.
    To the Honorable Board of County Commissioners, Grant County:    
    I hereby submit the following report of my examination of the cash and cash items in the hands of the County Treasurer of the County of Grant as of the last day of July, 2019.
    Cash on Hand, $2,105.33
    Checks in Treasurer’s possession less than 3 days, $21,428.02
    Cash Items, $0.00
RECONCILED CHECKING                First Bank & Trust, $1,933.91; Interest, $0.00; Credit Card Transactions/TIF Fee, $811.13; First Bank & Trust (Svgs), $5,411,271.00 .
CERTIFICATES OF DEPOSIT            First Bank & Trust, $0.00; First Bank & Trust (TIF), $0.00.
    General, $2,518,180.84; General restricted cash, $1,500,000.00; Cash Accounts for Offices General Fund, $605.00; Sp. Revenue, $945,230.98; Sp. Revenue restricted cash, $127.10; Henze Road District, $0.00; TIF Apportioning Northern Lights, $0.00; TIF Milbank, $0.00; TIF Northern Lights, $0.00; Special assessment Land Rent, $0.00;  Trust & Agency, $473,405.47; (schools 28,494.27, twps 25,304.21, city/town 12,952.11)
    Dated this 11th day of August, 2019
Karen M. Layher
County Auditor
    The Register of Deeds fees for the month of July were $17,689.50, the Clerk of Courts fees for the month of July were $9,199.40 and the Sheriff Fees for the month of July were $6,497.60 with $5,969.60 receipted into the General Fund. The 2nd Quarter statistics for the Community Nurse was noted.  
    Drainage: Chairman Stengel adjourned the Board of Commissioners and convened the commission acting as the Drainage Board. The Drainage Officer presented the following permit.
    Drainage Permit DR2019-24 by Gary Granquist in the NE 1/4 in 10-118-50 (Troy Township).  This request is to improve cropland and the permit is in order for consideration of approval.  The adjoining landowner has signed the permit and the Troy Twp Supervisors have approved crossing the township road. Wetland determination is on file.  Commissioner Tostenson reported he had met with the landowner to review the project. Motion by Tostenson and seconded by Street to approve DR2019-24 as presented. Motion carried 5-0.
    Vernon Twp: Supervisors, John Loeschke and Tim Wollschlager, requested approval to replace a 6 ft diameter culvert with a 7 ft flat bottom culvert. The location is 483rd Ave between 157th and 158th St.  Landowners, Jeff Schuelke and Earl Lundin, have both given their verbal approval to upsize the culvert. Discussion from those present concerning water in this area, the hydraulic study done for this site and a slough retaining water which is not part of the watershed for this request.  Motion by Tostenson and seconded by Mach to approve the upsize to the 7 ft flat bottom culvert with the County providing the culvert, Vernon Twp paying for the installation contingent upon the Township Supervisors providing a signed document to the Drainage Officer from Earl Lundin and Jeff Schuelke stating their agreement to the culvert upsizing. Motion carried 5-0.  
    This concluded the business for the Drainage Board. Chairman Stengel adjourned the Drainage Board and reconvened the Board of Commissioners.
    Highway: Grant Street addressed the Commission on culverts, cleaning out of culverts, landowners cleaning out runs that have silted in and forming a water district to raise funds for these clean outs.  Also, discussed weed spraying and spraying for trees growing in the ROW.  
    ROW: Supt. Schultz requested approval for a ROW occupancy application from Marlyn Johnson to cross between Section 2 and 35 of Georgia and Madison Townships in connection with tiling permit DR2019-20.  Motion by Street and seconded by Buttke to approve ROW2019-13 to bore under the road. Motion carried 5-0.
    Bridge: Motion by Street and seconded by Buttke to approve Banner Engineering to provide engineering services for the Bid Ready and Bid Letting on Structure No. 26-230-116 located on County Road 19 for an amount not to exceed $37,500.  Motion carried 5-0.  This bridge is being planned for replacement in 2020 provided the County receives a BIG Grant award.
    07/02, UPI, 2.415 (Ethanol), 2.25 (Diesel #2); Cenex, 2.55 (Ethanol), 2.30 (Diesel #2); UPI was the low bidder for Ethanol at 2.415 and for Diesel 2 at 2.25.
    07/15, UPI, 2.25 (Diesel #2); Cenex, 2.35 (Diesel #2); UPI was the low bidder for Diesel 2 at 2.25.
    07/22, UPI, 2.44 (Ethanol), 2.25 (Diesel #2); Cenex, 2.57 (Ethanol), 2.35 (Diesel #2); UPI was the low bidder for Ethanol at 2.44 and for Diesel 2 at 2.25.
    07/30, UPI, 2.26 (Diesel #2); Cenex, No bid; UPI was the only bidder for Diesel 2 at 2.26.
    07/30, UPI, 2.26 (Diesel #2); Cenex (Clinton), 2.39; UPI was the low bidder for Diesel 2 at 2.26
    Recycling: Jason Sackreiter, an owner of Valley Rental and Recycling, reported the change in the recycling program is working well. They have seen an increase in recycling products since the drop off site was started. He reported approximately 20 cars drop off 40lbs per vehicle of recycling materials.  
    Sheriff: Kevin Owen reported the July statistics as follows: Average Daily inmate population 6.67; Number of bookings 15; Work release money collected $1,760.00; 24/7 Preliminary Breath Test (PBT) fees collected $356.00; SCRAM (alcohol detecting bracelet) fees collected $718.00; 24/7 PBT participants 4; SCRAM (Sobriety Program) participants 4; Calls for Service (does not include walk-in traffic) 416; Accidents investigated 4; Civil papers served 106; Cumulative miles traveled 7,479; 911 calls responded to (including Milbank) – report not available.
    Big Stone City: Sheriff Owen presented the agreement for providing law enforcement in Big Stone City. As explained at the last Commission meeting, the agreement is for $7,500 per month. The City will provide a vehicle, office space and $10,000 a year for a vehicle replacement every four years. The city ordinances will be enforced by a part time city officer. The other duties will be done by the County’s sheriff department. Motion by Mach and seconded by Buttke to approve signing the agreement for assuming law enforcement duties in Big Stone City with an amendment to the agreement to add a date of June 30th or before for the county to receive the yearly $10,000. Motion carried 5-0.
    Russman/Opitz: Present was Charles Russman and joining by teleconference phone was Dean Opitz. Landowner Charles Russman had discussed with the Commission at a previous meeting, the issue of water backing up around his residence. He had indicated through surveying it was recommended an abandoned approach, in the county ROW, be removed from the east side of the road by his residence as this would help reduce water backing up around his home. Mr. Opitz stated his wife has a one third interest in the land on the east side of the road by Russman. She is giving her permission to install a culvert through their approach, but not with the removal of the approach. Her approval is only for her share of ownership. Supt. Schultz stated the ROW is under the control of the County and because the water runs over the road and gravel is washed away, it would be his recommendation to move forward with installing a culvert through the approach and installing another approach further north in the ROW without a culvert to keep the water flowing to the correct watershed with the work being done in the County ROW. Motion by Tostenson and seconded by Mach to move forward with Supt. Schultz’s plan as stated with the size of the culvert to be determined by Supt. Schultz. Motion carried 5-0.
    Renodry: Owners, Don Brown and Michael Clancy, presented information on the issue of rising dampness in masonry which forms salt crystals on hard surfaces such as cement. The Renodry dehydration system removes humidity and moisture from cement using radio frequencies. The Commission asked for list of entities where their product is installed.   
    Code Red: EM Director Kevin Schuelke and Milbank City Administrator John Forman were present. Kevin explained the Code Red system was designed for government and public safety officials to record, send and track personalized voice, email, text and social media messages to citizens as well as staff. The alert messages could be used to alert a certain area of Milbank if a water break occurred. All alerts from the National Weather Service would be sent out to all persons on the list. The cost of the system is $3,650 per year and was proposed in the 2020 Provisional Budget. The City Administrator spoke in favor of the system and stated the City Council had approved a cost share of the system of up to $2,250. Motion by Tostenson and seconded by Mach to approve signing a contract with Code Red for the remainder of 2019 and for 2020 for a cost of $4,570. Motion carried 5-0.       
    Grant: The grant funding program that provides financial support to county EM programs to cost share a percentage of the director’s personnel costs have been renamed to Local Emergency Management Performance Grant Program (LEMPG). The agreement will reimburse the County for 50% of the EM Director’s personnel costs for FY2020.  Motion by Mach and seconded by Street to authorize Chairman Stengel to sign the LEMPG agreement. Motion carried 5-0.  
    Executive Session: Motion by Mach and seconded by Buttke to enter into executive session at 10:32 AM for the purpose of a personnel issue pursuant to SDCL 1-25-2 (1). Motion carried 5-0. Auditor Layher and 4-H Advisor Sara Koepke were present. Chairman Stengel declared the meeting open to the public at 10:57 AM. No action taken.
    Commissioner Mach excused himself from the meeting at 10:57 AM.
    Travel: Motion by Tostenson and seconded by Buttke to approve expenses for Bill Steinlicht to attend the annual D-Ware Conference in Mitchell, for VSO Scott Malimanek to attend annual training in Pierre, for Nathan Mueller to attend the Weed and Pest Fall Conference in Rapid City and for Auditor Layher and Deputies Stephanie Pauli and Kathy Folk to attend the bi-annual election training and a Debit/Credit Workshop in Pierre. Motion carried 4-0.
    Wilbur Ellis: Discussion of the incident of a spray plane from Wilbur Ellis landing on a county road when the county blade operator was blading the road. Earlier in the meeting the pilot offered an apology. The Commission asked Auditor Layher to contact the main office for a letter stating what the company has done to correct this from happening again.  
    DVR/Cameras: The Commission reviewed two proposals for upgrading a DVR in the Detention Center and cameras located in the Courthouse and Detention Center. With the first quote of $10,851.90, the DVR would be replaced and cameras upgraded, but there would not be any room for future expansion for installing additional camera. The second quote of $17,904.68 would allow adding 27 IP cameras or purchasing another converter to add 16 analog cameras. This option would allow the conversion to IP cameras and adding cameras for other county buildings. In the 2019 budget $10,000 has been included in contingency for the purchase with the remaining balance to be paid out of the Sheriff’s budget. Motion by Tostenson and seconded by Street to approve the purchase of equipment under option two for $17,904.68. Motion carried 4-0.
    Courthouse: Motion by Buttke and seconded by Street to approve the bid from The Window Place to replace forty-two windows on the south and east sides of the courthouse in the amount of $34,163.33. Motion carried 4-0.
    Unfinished Business: None
    New Business: The Zoning Officer provided a draft on a solar energy ordinance for the Commission to review.  
    Correspondence: None
    Consent: Motion by Street and seconded by Buttke to approve the consent agenda.  Motion carried 4-0.
    1. Approve plat:
Karen M. Layher, County Auditor
Grant County, South Dakota
    2. Approve contract with Bratland Law to serve as Public Defender for August-December 2019
    3. Approve the renewal lease for BIT office space in Courthouse at $220 per month effective 9-1-2019
    4. Declare surplus HP 960 Printer - fixed asset 08471, HP 402 Printer – fixed asset 10218, Gateway E4510 PC – fixed asset  09451, Battery Backup 500 VA – fixed asset 08548, Gateway 400C 17’ monitor – fixed asset 08182, Dakteck Computer – fixed asset 09635, DC 7900 Computer – fixed asset 10099,  PC 7900 Computer  - fixed asset 10100, Epson Lazer HP 5L – fixed asset 07623, HP 5550 computer – fixed asset 08724, Viewsonic Monitor VG 2230 – fixed asset 101493, HP Photosmart Plus – fixed asset 09731
    Claims: Motion by Street and seconded by Buttke to approve the claims as presented.  Motion carried 4-0. A-OX WELDING, supplies 15.55; ACTIVE DATA SYSTEMS, maint. agreement 3,309.00; AL’S BODY SHOP, repair 420.00; AUSTIN, HINDERAKER, HOPPER, court appt atty 476.20; AVERA QUEEN OF PEACE, DOT testing 70.55; BANNER ASSOCIATES,  prof. services 19,070.90; BUREAU OF INFORMATION, internet & email 556.00; BUTLER MACHINERY, parts 511.10; CENTURYLINK, phone 597.37; CITY OF MILBANK, rubbish site 10.00; CITY OF WATERTOWN, 911 surcharge 6,342.69; CONSOLIDATED READY MIX, gravel 2,406.41; CRAIG DEBOER,  prof. services 215.54; DELORES KELLY, prof. services 120.00; DIAMOND MOWERS, parts 458.68; DURICK FIRE EXTINGUISHER, prof. services 40.47; FIRST DISTRICT, prof. services 4,417.60; FREMAREK, supplies 416.44; GALE GROUP INC, books 108.90; GALL’S, supplies 117.74; GJT INC., prisoner meals 651.00; GRANT COUNTY REVIEW, publishing 396.00; HARTMAN’S, prisoner meals 662.18; INGRAM LIBRARY SERVICES, books 786.25; INTER-LAKES COMMUNITY, worker 2,337.17; ITC, internet 39.95; INTOXIMETERS, supplies 320.00; ISTATE TRUCK CENTER, parts 276.71; JOURNEY GROUP COMP, hwy projects 281,238.82; KIBBLE EQUIP., equipment 16,771.37; LEWIS FAMILY DRUG,  supplies 89.01; LIFEQUEST, allocation 2,275.00; MACK STEEL WAREHOUSE, supplies 325.79; MATTHEW E. PAYSEN, repairs & maint. 175.00; MCLEOD’S PRINTING & OFFICE, supplies 47.42; MICROMARKETING, DVD 9.99; MILBANK AREA HOSPITAL, blabs 428.00; MILBANK WINWATER WORKS, supplies 1,552.20; MUNDWILER FUNERAL HOME, prof. service 3,560.00; OTTER TAIL POWER CORP., electricity 3,612.60; PETTY CASH, postage, 11.80; QUICK PRO LUBE, oil change 94.95; RC TECHNOLOGIES, 911 transport & tower rent 95.96; RELX INC, online charges 727.00; SD ASSN CO COMMISSIONERS, registration 1,295.00; SD ATTORNEY GENERAL, scram fees 1,188.00; SD DEPT OF HEALTH, blabs 515.00; SIME REPAIR, parts 297.14; ST WILLIAMS CARE CENTER, prof. service 226.80; TECH ONE, supplies 130.00; TROY HOYLES, prof. service 500.00; TRUENORTH STEEL, culverts 10,170.88; TWIN VALLEY TIRE, tire repair 1,239.00; UPI PETROLEUM, diesel 8,394.98; VAN DIEST SUPPLY, mosquito chemicals 4,779.50; VERIZON WIRELESS, hotspot 38.52; VISA, gas, books, meals, partitions 2,896.36; WHETSTONE HOME CENTER, supplies 697.46; WHETSTONE VALLEY ELECTRIC, electricity 752.55; XEROX, copier rent 777.84. TOTAL: 390,064.34
    SDACO, ROD modernization fee 342.00; SD DEPT OF REVENUE, monthly fees 147,618.61; POSTMASTER, postage 202.00. TOTAL: $148,162.61.
    It is the policy of Grant County, South Dakota, not to discriminate against the handicapped in employment or the provision of service.
    The next scheduled meeting dates will be Tuesday, September 3, 24 and 30, 2019 at 8 AM. Motion by Street and seconded by Buttke to adjourn the meeting. Motion carried 4-0. Meeting adjourned.
          /s/ Doug Stengel, Chairman, Grant County Comm.
/s/ Karen M. Layher,
Grant County Auditor                   
    Published once at an approximate cost of $162.80.


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