Grant County Commission Proceedings • November 25, 2020

Grant County Commission Proceedings



      November 25, 2020
The Grant County Commission met in a special session at 8 AM by telephonic conference with the public. Chairman Mach called the meeting to order. Roll call was answered by Commissioners Buttke, Mach, Stengel and Tostenson were present and Street joined the meeting telephonically. Motion by Stengel and seconded by Buttke to approve the agenda. Chairman Mach called for a roll call vote. Buttke aye, Street aye, Stengel aye, Tostenson aye and Mach aye. Motion carried 5-0. The purpose of the special meeting was to discuss the bridge inspection report, cost and timeline of repair for bridge 26-032-070 on County Road 8 (149th St) in Blooming Valley Twp.
Members of the public present were Mark Junker from Banner Associates and Evan Grong with Valley Queen Cheese. Hwy. Supt. Schultz was also in attendance.
Chairman Mach opened the discussion by stating he had been contacted because the weight limit on the bridge had been reduced from legal load to 46 ton after the bridge inspection report had been presented to the Commission on November 17.
Mark Junker addressed the inspection which indicated the precast concrete beams showed cracking at the base in addition to vertical cracking. The rebar is rusting causing corrosion. There has been a gradual deterioration since 2018. If the County would apply for the BIG grant funds and was awarded the funding, the replacement date for the bridge replacement would be in 2023 or 2024. Mark explained truck configuration weight combinations the State uses for posting bridges. The largest truck configuration used by Valley Queen does not put any more stress on the concrete beams and he would recommend posting the bridge back to legal weight limits.
Evan Grong, with Valley Queen, stated they had increased the number of axels on their trucks to reduce the number of daily trips to dairies. He asked if the company could be notified before the weight limit is lowered on a bridge to allow for the planning of an alternate route.
The Commission questioned if the traffic between the spring planting and the fall harvest affected the bridge differently, asked if a temporary bridge could be built over the current structure until the repairs could be implemented, discussed funding and moving forward with a hydraulic study to be completed in 2021 as this would move up the replacement date.
The current bridge decking is 81’ in length and the estimated cost to replace the bridge is one million dollars. The State will recommend a box culvert versus decking as the box culvert requires less maintenance.
Commissioner Tostenson suggested designating the road and bridge levy funds for the county cost of the project and approving the hydraulic study to speed up the timeline to apply for grant funding. Commissioner Stengel suggested inviting the ag businesses and producers to the meeting in 2022 when the next bridge inspection report is presented to the Commission. Another suggestion was to publish the list of bridges when weight limits change.
The Commission asked Mark to prepare the contract for the hydraulic study for their consideration. Evan Grong thanked the Commission for their time and effort to resolve the weight restriction on this bridge.
It is the policy of Grant County, South Dakota, not to discriminate against the handicapped in employment or the provision of service.
The next scheduled meeting dates will be December 1, 15 and 30, 2020 at 8 AM. Motion by Stengel and seconded by Tostenson to adjourn the meeting. Chairman Mach called for a roll call vote. Buttke aye, Stengel aye, Tostenson aye and Mach aye. Commissioner Street did not respond as connection had been lost. Motion carried 4-0. Meeting adjourned.
 /s/ Michael Mach, Chairman, Grant County Commission
/s/ Karen M. Layher, 
Grant County Auditor              


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