City of Big Stone City Council Proceedings

City of Big Stone City Council Proceedings

March 2, 2020
7:00 p.m.
The Big Stone City council met in regular session on Monday March 2, 2020. Meeting began at 7:00 p.m. with Mayor Wiik presiding.  Roll Call: Athey, Stecker, Redfield, Brown and Hughes present. Others present: William Coester, Bryan Austin, Bob Athey, Bob Goergen, Emily Sigler, Gary Longhenry, Bill Wiik, Lou Brown, Teresa Goergen, Jayne Stecker, Zach Wiese, Julie Enstad, Kathy Tyler, Betty Zahnow, Bob Zahnow, Mary Smithwick, Jim Laub, Steve Weber, Blake Swanson, Justin Harman, Deputy Orville Folk, Sue Westermeyer and Joe Wiik.  
The Pledge of Allegiance and the South Dakota State Pledge were recited.  Motion to accept the minutes from the February 3rd meeting was made by Redfield. Motion died on the floor due to the lack of a second.  
Deputy Orville Folk gave the following Sheriff’s office report: Hours worked within the city: 107 hours 17 minutes, subject to call 24 hours per day. Written Citations: 6. Written Warnings: 22. Investigations/events and incidents responded to: 5. Some incidents responded to included: death investigation, welfare checks, medical calls, burglary and theft. The sheriff’s office would like all residents to make sure they have house numbers on their homes and that they are visible. 
A motion was made by Stecker to also receive a report from the Big Stone City Police Department monthly and seconded by Hughes. Voting in favor: Athey, Stecker, Brown, and Hughes. Opposed: Redfield. 
Blake Swanson and Justin Harman from South Dakota Game, Fish, & Parks came to speak to the council about a city deer hunt and answer any questions the council or public has. Swanson stated that when first looking at a city deer hunt, we need to identify what herd of deer we would target and what time frame. Swanson also gave other options of keep deer out of certain areas of town. After a discussion and input from the public the council decided to hold off on a city deer hunt. They decided to go with a suggestion of Swanson of having residents used a scented wick available from the SDGFP that helps deter deer and are recharged from moisture. To get more information on the subject please call Blake Swanson from SDGFP, stop at the city office, or speak to your councilman.
The following claims were presented for payment.
FARNER BOCKEN COMPANY, $776.82; REPUBLIC BEVERAGE COMPANY, $1,113.64; RURAL DEVELOPMENT, $4,108.00, Sewer Bond Loan; REPUBLIC BEVERAGE COMPANY, $1,677.36; SDCS, $353.08; SDCS, $353.08; AFLAC, $224.50; INTERNAL REVENUE SERVICE, $2,738.45, Payroll Taxes; INTERNAL REVENUE SERVICE, $41.54, Payroll Taxes; INTERNAL REVENUE SERVICE , $2,562.31, Payroll Taxes; ABE DORRY, $650.19; BANK OF AMERICA, $205.38; BERNATELLO’S PIZZA INC, $225.00; BEST WESTERN PLUS RAMKOTA, $234.98; BIG STONE AREA HARDWARE, $113.45; BIG STONE RADIO, $150.00, Monthly Advertising; BORDER STATES INDUSTRIES INC, $4,799.76; CHS, $139.25; CINTAS CORPORATION, $434.83; CITY OF BIG STONE CITY, $5,130.57, Utility bills; COCA-COLA BOTTLING CO., $242.25; Pop; COESTER LAW OFFICE, $2,959.00, legal fees; CONROY ELECTRIC INC, $324.02; DAKOTA SUPPLY GROUP, $6,695.28; ELLWEIN BROTHERS INC., $12,777.15; FS3, INC., $29.66; GRANT COUNTY AUDITOR, $7,500.00; GRANT COUNTY REGISTER OF DEEDS, $30.00; GRANT COUNTY REVIEW, $121.15, publishing; GRANT ROBERTS RURAL WATER, $10,114.00; HARRYS FROZEN FOODS, $212.00, Pizzas; HEALTH POOL OF SD, $6,890.38, Health Insurance; INFOTECH SOLUTIONS, $2,728.99; JIM DANDY SNACK FOOD CO., $69.00, Jerky; JOHNSON BROTHERS FAMOUS BRANDS, $4,445.11; MAC DADDY’S DRIVE IN, $482.04; MIDCO, $81.70; MIDCO, $403.28; MIDCO, $40.85; MISSOURI RIVER ENERGY SERVICES, $2,914.00; MOMAR, INC., $566.21, Enzymes for lagoons; NORTHWESTERN ENERGY, $134.68; ORTONVILLE INDEPENDENT, $205.00, Liquor Store Ads; PEPSI COLA CO. OF ORTONVILLE, $231.70, Pop; PLUNKETT’S PEST CONTROL, $83.68, Pest Control; PORTER DISTRIBUTING CO., $643.50; QUILL CORPORATION, $47.99, Toilet bowl cleaner; RONGLIEN EXCAVATING, INC, $265.20; RUNNINGS, $19.99; SD DEPARTMENT OF LABOR & REG., $109.52; SD DEPT OF GAME, FISH & PARKS, $176.00, Monthly Billing; SDML, $138.00, SOUTH DAKOTA RETIREMENT SYSTEM, $2,069.06; SOUTHERN GLAZERS OF SD, $357.85; STURDEVANT AUTO PARTS, $432.98; VALLEY OFFICE PRODUCTS, $6.19; VALLEY SHOPPER $372.00, Advertising; VERIZON WIRELESS, $147.05; WESCO RECEIVABLES CORP., $735.69; WILDUNG IMPLEMENT, $108.78; WITH THE WIND VINEYARD & WINERY, $247.56; XEROX CORP. COPIER, $16.62; SD DEPT. OF REVENUE, $5,934.73; WORLD PAY, $239.41; PRINCIPAL, $71.78; FRITO LAY, $205.92; WASTE MANAGEMENT, $3,989.47; HARLAND CLARKE, $189.92; MISSOURI RIVER, $10,323.00; DEPT. OF ENERGY, $18,011.91; MISSOURI RIVER, $26,223.99; SD DEPT OF REVENUE, $1,989.38; General Fund 101, $7,758.25, February Payroll; Liquor Fund 601, $6,668.39, February Payroll; Water Fund 602, $2,484.67, February Payroll; Electric Fund 603, $4,664.60, February Payroll; Sewer Fund 604, $1,274.95, February Payroll
Motion to pay the presented claims was made by Redfield and seconded by Stecker. All in favor. Motion carried.  
A motion to approve the second reading of Ordinance 2020-02 was made by Athey and seconded by Brown. All in favor, motion carried. 
ORDINANCE #2020-02
BE IT ORDAINED by the City of Big Stone City, South Dakota that Section 5-2-3 of the Revised Ordinances of the City of Big Stone City, South Dakota be added to read as follows:
An On-Premise Full-Service Restaurant Liquor License may be issued to a qualifying full-service restaurant meeting all the requirements of SDCL 35-4-110 through 35-4-120 upon payment of the license fee determined pursuant to SDCL 35-4-116.  A full-service restaurant liquor license may be renewed annually only if the requirements of SDCL 35-4-113 are fulfilled and the license fee pursuant to SDCL 35-4-116 is paid.
/s/ Deborah Wiik, Mayor
/s/ Emily Sigler, Finance Officer
Councilman Brown read a letter from Lori Seidell explaining her plans to do a raffle fundraiser to help with the cost of the ballfield project. The drawing would be during the 135th Celebration on Friday night between the two ball games. She plans on starting middle of March with the fundraiser. Mr. Coester advised the council such raffle was legal. A motion was made by Brown to approve the ballfield raffle and seconded by Hughes. All in favor, motion carried. 
Mayor Wiik informed the council of the payoff amount of the Sewer Bond. A brief discussion was held on possible funds to pay for this. The city will be looking into the use of the 2% city tax money and where the funds should be delegated. 
The city received one application for the concession stand use this summer from Lori Seidell/Lions Pride PTO. They ran the concession stand last year and would like to continue doing so and would be run by volunteers of summer rec and the PTO. A motion was made by Hughes and seconded by Brown to approve the application from Lori Seidell/Lions Pride PTO. All in favor, motion carried. 
Councilman Hughes addressed the council about the finance officer being salaried and going to an hourly rate of pay. After a discussion, a motion was made by Hughes to change Emily Sigler from being salaried to hourly at the hourly equivalent of the salary of $17.33 per hour and seconded by Athey. All in favor, motion carried. 
After a discussion with the council and input from the public a motion was made by Hughes to adopt the first reading of Ordinance #2020-03 (Liquor Ordinance) with Memorial Day and Christmas Day removed and seconded by Redfield. All in favor, motion carried. 
Mayor Wiik informed the council of the retirement of Pam Steinke from the cleaning position at the community center. There are ads in the paper for the position and have been getting interest in the position. 
Mayor Wiik informed the council of injuries that have occurred during reading of electric meters due to the ice and snow. Bryan Austin gave some info on new meters and pricing. The council asked him to reach out to the company to have them get an updated quote and speak to the council.
Being no further business a motion to adjourn the meeting was made by Hughes and seconded by Brown. All in favor, motion carried. 
/s/ Deb Wiik, Mayor
/s/ Emily Sigler
Finance Officer


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