City of Big Stone City Council Proceedings

City of Big Stone City Council Proceedings


January 6, 2020
7:00 p.m.
The Big Stone City council met in regular session on Monday, January 6, 2020. Meeting began at 7:00 p.m. with Mayor Wiik presiding. Roll Call: Athey, Stecker, Redfield, Brown and Hughes present with Henderson absent. Others present: William Coester, Bryan Austin, Bob Goergen, Emily Sigler, Greg Maag, Jayne Stecker, Julie Enstad, Doug Stengel, Betty Zahnow, Bob Zahnow, Teresa Goergen, Elizabeth Gabriella and Mary Smithwick. 
The Pledge of Allegiance and the South Dakota State Pledge were recited.  Motion to accept the minutes from the December 30th meeting was made by Redfield and seconded by Hughes. All in favor, motion carried.
The following claims were presented for payment:
MINNESOTA DEPT OF REVENUE, $1,018.06; RURAL DEVELOPMENT, $4,108.00, Sewer Bond Loan; WASTE MANAGEMENT-RES.CONTRACT, $4,002.63, Charges for Services; SD UNEMPLOYMENT INSURANCE, $1,232.34; BIG STONE AREA HARDWARE, $36.95; BIG STONE LAKE AREA CHAMBER, $450.00, Annual Dues; BIG STONE RADIO, $450.00, Monthly Advertising; CINTAS CORPORATION, $118.71, Rugs; CITY OF BIG STONE CITY, $4,955.05, Utilities; CITY OF SIOUX FALLS, $43.50, Water Testing; COESTER LAW OFFICE, $1,032.00, Retainer, Review contract, Record deed; DENR, $50.00, General No Discharge Permit; EIDE BAILLY, $2,451.44, 2018 Audit; FERGUSON WATER WORKS, $1,322.68; FIRST DISTRICT ASSOC., $561.25, Support Dues; GRANT COUNTY REVIEW, $57.87, Dec 2nd Minutes; GRANT ROBERTS RURAL WATER, $12,049.00, Water; HEALTH POOL OF SD, $6,890.38, Health Insurance; INFOTECH SOLUTIONS, $3,364.96, Computers; IRBY TOOL & SAFETY, $273.02; MAC DADDY’S DRIVE IN, $348.59; NORTHWESTERN ENERGY, $109.59; RITEWAY BUSINESS FORMS, $138.00, Tax Forms; SILVER SPRINGS, LLC, $3,003.13; VALLEY SHOPPER, $546.34, Liquor Store Ads; WESCO RECEIVABLES CORP., $1,700.60 
Motion to pay the presented claims was made by Hughes and seconded by 
Brown. All in favor. Motion carried.  
Sherriff Owen submitted the following report, December Sherriff’s Office Report: Hours: 117 hrs and 28 minutes, subject to call 24 hours per day. Written Citations: 9, Written Warnings: 18, and Investigations/event and incidents responded to: 5. Most citations were for speeding. We continue to monitor stop signs for violations throughout the city. Some of the incidents responded to include, verbal and domestic arguments, neighborly disputes, and burglary. I would like to remind everyone if there is any information about any crime within city limits to inform the Grant County Sheriff’s office immediately of this information. We have had some information trickle into us about certain crimes within the city that was delayed in being relayed to the proper authorities. 
Greg Maag with First District attended the meeting to speak to the council about pre disaster mitigation planning. Mr. Maag went over risk assessment worksheets, critical infrastructure and potential projects for the City of Big Stone. 
Elizabeth Gabriella attended the meeting to speak to the council about her properties in town and options for her.
Jayne Stecker thanked the council for their decision in going with the Grant County Sherriff’s office and stated she is impressed with the good job they are doing along with their fairness. 
Mary Smithwick attended the meeting to get clarification on the city liquor ordinance and to inquire on a liquor license. Mr. Coester will be checking on the liquor license availability. 
After a review of the contract with Missouri River Energy Services by Mr. Coester a motion was made by Redfield and seconded by Athey to sign the contract with MRES. All in favor. Motion carried. 
A discussion was held about the possibility of a city deer hunt. The city will be checking with game, fish and parks to find out more information. 
A motion was made by Hughes to set April 14th as the election date and seconded by Stecker. All in favor. Motion carried. 
A motion was made by Redfield to file the 2018 Audit and seconded by Stecker. In favor: Athey, Stecker, Redfield, Brown and Hughes. Motion carried. 
A motion was made by Stecker to suspend raises for 6 months to check into financials, with Redfield adding retro pay back to January 1st to the current motion and seconded by Hughes. All in favor. Motion carried.  
A current list of wages are as follows:
Robert Goergen, Police, $27.50 /Hour
Robert Athey, Utilities Manager, 
$28.37/Hour $ 2.25/Hour on Call 
Bryan Austin, Electric Superintendent, 
$27.66/Hour $ 2.25/Hour on Call 
Emily Sigler, Finance Officer, $16.83/ 
Melissa Stueve-Sherod, Liquor Store 
Manager, $16.48/Hour, $16.00/Hour 
John Hanratty, $17.60/Hour 
Henry Gimmestad, $11.00/Hour 
Michelle Patterson, $11.00/Hour 
Melissa McMahon, $11.00/Hour
Travis Sherod, $11.00/Hour 
Tyrone Ronke, $11.00/Hour, 
$12.00/Hour Cleaning
Carrie Brown, $11.00/Hour
Pam Steinke - CC Cleaning, $16.25/ 
Glenda Loeschke - Finance, $15.00/ 
Pat Kaiser- Finance, $15.00/Hour 
Janelle Kelly - Library, $12.60/Hour 
Abby Crist, $11.00/Hour 
Steven Weber, $11.00/Hour
Council Members, $459.00/Quarter, 
$50.00 Special Meetings 
Mayor, $535.50/Quarter, $50.00 Special 
Being no further business a motion to adjourn the meeting was made by Stecker and seconded by Hughes.  Motion carried.
/s/ Deb Wiik, Mayor
/s/ Emily Sigler
Finance Officer


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