City of Big Stone City Council Proceedings

November 4, 2019
7:00 p.m.
The Big Stone City council met in regular session on Monday, November 4, 2019. Meeting began at 7:00 p.m. with Mayor Wiik presiding. Roll Call:  Stecker, Redfield, Brown and Hughes with Henderson absent. Others present: Bob Athey, Bryan Austin, Robert Goergen, Emily Sigler, Bill Coester, Teresa Goergen, Melissa Mueller, Margaret Kuefler, Eric Dershaw, Becky Hughes, Randy Athey, Deputy Ryan Bakeburg, Gene Biever and William Voeltz. 
The Pledge of Allegiance and the South Dakota State Pledge were recited.  Motion to accept the minutes from the October meeting was made by Hughes and seconded by Redfield. All in favor, motion carried.
The following claims were presented for payment.
CITY OF SISSETON, $450.00, Training Donation; REPUBLIC BEVERAGE COMPANY, $553.21, On/Off Sale; RURAL DEVELOPMENT. $4,108.00, Sewer Bond Loan; FARNER BOCKEN COMPANY, $978.07, Supplies; WASTE MANAGEMENT-RES.CONTRACT. $4,070.49; BANK OF AMERICA, $405.37; BERKNER EXCAVATING & GRAVEL, $1,120.85; BERNATELLO’S PIZZA INC, $146.00, Pizza; BIG STONE CITY FIRE DEPT, $3,600.00, Fire Hall Maintenance; BIG STONE CITY SCHOOL, $564.00, Electrical Rebate; BIG STONE RADIO, $400.00, Monthly Advertising; CINTAS CORPORATION, $434.83; CITY OF BIG STONE CITY, $4,131.92, Utility Bills; CITY OF BIG STONE CITY, $60.90, Garbage Bags; CITY OF SIOUX FALLS, $43.50, Water Testing; COCA-COLA BOTTLING CO., $132.75, Pop; COESTER LAW OFFICE, $2,794.00, Legal Fee’s; DESIGN ELECTRONICS RADIO SHACK, $19.99; EIDE BAILLY, $5,625.00, Audit; ELECTRO WATCHMAN INC, $195.00, Alarm Lease; ELLWEIN BROTHERS INC., $10,784.60, On/off Sale beer ; GAMES UNLIMITED, INC., $150.00, Dart/Pool Teams; GRANT COUNTY REVIEW, $257.88, Publishings; GRANT ROBERTS RURAL WATER, $10,717.00, Water; HARRYS FROZEN FOODS, $556.00, Pizzas; HARTMANS SUPERVALU FOODS, $47.98, Misc.; HEALTH POOL OF SOUTH DAKOTA, $6,537.35; HERITAGE PRINTING, $213.96, Office Supplies; HYDRO KLEAN, $968.00; JOHNSON BROTHERS FAMOUS BRANDS, $1,220.43, Off/On Sale Liquor; MAC DADDY’S DRIVE IN, $419.06, Gas; MIDCO BUSINESS, $561.31, Utilities; MIDLAND PUBLISHING & PRINTING, $372.00; MILBANK WINWATER WORKS, $59.78; MISSOURI RIVER ENERGY SERVICES, $175.00, Legal Seminar; MISSOURI RIVER ENERGY SERVICES, $2,610.00; MOMAR, INC., $201.85; NORTHWESTERN ENERGY, $56.62, Gas Bill; ORTONVILLE INDEPENDENT, $315.00, Advertising; PEPSI COLA CO. OF ORTONVILLE, $317.69, Pop; PLUNKETT’S PEST CONTROL., $81.78, Pest Control; PORTER DISTRIBUTING CO., $1,006.60; QUILL CORPORATION, $365.66; RONGLIEN EXCAVATING, INC, $811.96; SD DEPT OF GAME, FISH & PARKS, $345.00, Monthly Billing; SD DEPT OF HEALTH, $362.00; SDML WORKERS COMPENSATION FUND, $7,540.00; SILVER SPRINGS, LLC, $494.98; SOUTH DAKOTA ONE CALL, $16.80, Locates; SOUTH DAKOTA RETIREMENT SYSTEM, $1,676.00; SOUTHERN GLAZERSS OF SD, $480.76; STEVE’S LANDSCAPING, $192.39; STURDEVANT AUTO PARTS, $498.01; SYKORA PLUMBING, INC, $69.00; TD&C INC., $37.00, Ice; THE SHOP, $417.40; TWIN VALLEY TIRE, $103.00; VERIZON WIRELESS, $125.18; WITH THE WIND VINEYARD & WINERY, $364.68; XEROX CORP. COPIER, $34.96; SD UNEMPLOYMENT INSURANCE, $1,227.37; REPUBLIC NATIONAL, $510.00; REPUBLIC NATIONAL, $1,697.78; IRS, $2,547.99, Payroll Taxes; SDCS, $353.08; MN DEPT. OF REVENUE, $915.08, Payroll Taxes; FRITO-LAY, $157.68; MISSOURI RIVER, $14,552.89; MISSOURI RIVER, $10,744.50; DEPARTMENT OF ENERGY, $17,921.58; AFLAC, $224.50; SDCS, $353.08; IRS, $3,652.62, Payroll Taxes; PRINCIPAL LIFE, $71.78; SD DEPT OF REVENUE, $5,877.34, Sales Tax; SD DEPT OF REVENUE, $2,248.73, Sales Tax; POST MASTER, $60.92, Monthly Utility Mailing; GENERAL FUND 101, $11,094.09, October Payroll; LIQUOR FUND 601, $7,033.61, October Payroll; WATER FUND 602, $1,496.59, October Payroll; ELECTRIC FUND 603, $5,444.42, October Payroll; SEWER FUND 604, $1,496.60, October Payroll
Motion to pay the presented claims was made by Brown and seconded by  Stecker. Voting in favor: Stecker, Redfield, Brown and Hughes. Motion carried.  
Deputy Bakeburg from the Grant County Sherriff’s Office attended to give the council the following report: Hours: 91 hours 51 minutes-subject to call 24 hours per day, Written Citations: 4, Written Warnings: 27, Drug Arrests: 1 and Investigations/events responded to: 5. With the high amount of traffic we continue to monitor and enforce traffic laws on highway 12. We have stopped at the school several times and visited with staff and students. We have received several tips about drug activity in the area that we will be gathering information on. With the first month behind us and working out some kinks, we will strive for around 100 hours of service a month. 
Melissa Mueller with the Stateline 4-H Club attended the meeting to inform the council of the newly reformed club. They have 15 members and meet the second Saturday of every month at the school. She informed the council that if they ever need any community service work done to contact her. 
    Becky Hughes, William Voeltz and Eric Dershaw spoke to the council about nuisance properties around town. The council discussed different options to get properties cleaned up. Officer Goergen will be taking over two of the matters. 
William Voeltz also spoke to the council about replotting his property. The council informed him on the proper procedure. 
Mayor Wiik gave an update on her railroad meeting with Senator Rounds and Senator Thune’s office. She also sent in the original quick claim deed. 
Mayor Wiik informed the council that another town would like to purchase the city’s old police vehicle. She will be getting more information from them and present at next meeting. 
The council had Bill Coester look into a tree ordinance. Coester reported they are hard to define but will be contacting bigger cities to see if they have anything we can work from. 
Mayor Wiik gave an update on her meeting with FEMA and submitted bills to be possibly reimbursed for some expenses with Chautauqua, Veterans Park and the ball field. 
A motion was made by Stecker to combine the Ballfield Fund account with the Ballfield Donation account and seconded by Hughes. All in favor. Motion carried. 
Discussions were held about appointing a new council person to fill McMahons seat. A motion was made by Redfield to appoint Brian Frevert to the council. Being no second, motion died. 
    Being no further business a motion to adjourn the meeting was made by Redfield and seconded by Stecker.  Motion carried.
/s/ Deb Wiik, Mayor
/s/ Emily Sigler
Finance Officer


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