City of Big Stone City Council Proceedings

October 7, 2019
7:00 p.m.
    The Big Stone City council met in regular session on Monday, October 7, 2019. Meeting began at 7:00 p.m. with Mayor Wiik presiding. Roll Call:  Stecker, Redfield, Brown and Hughes with Henderson absent. Others present: Bob Athey, Bryan Austin, Robert Goergen, Emily Sigler, Kathy and Yogi Rabe, Carol Rabe, Teresa Goergen, Randy Athey, Jayne Stecker, TJ Rabe, Julie Enstad, Gary Longhenry, Lori Seidell, Art Engstrom, Jim Matthews and Ron Scheff.
    The Pledge of Allegiance and the South Dakota State Pledge were recited.  Motion to accept the minutes from the September meeting was made by Hughes and seconded by Brown. All in favor, motion carried.    
    A motion was made by Redfield and seconded by Hughes to approve the resignation of council person McMahon. All in favor. Motion carried.
    The following claims were presented for payment.
    SOUTH DAKOTA DEPT OF REVENUE, $20.90, Late Fee Liquor Tax; SOUTH DAKOTA DEPT OF REVENUE, $54.34, Light&Power Late Fee; RURAL DEVELOPMENT, $4,108.00, Sewer Bond Loan; REPUBLIC BEVERAGE COMPANY, $821.86, On Sale; REPUBLIC BEVERAGE COMPANY, $2,216.30, Off Sale; FARNER BOCKEN COMPANY, $814.55, Supplies; SD CHILD SUPPORT, $353.08; INTERNAL REVENUE SERVICE, $3,613.68, Payroll Taxes; AFLAC, $224.50; WASTE MANAGEMENT-RES. CONTRACT, $4,143.04; SOUTH DAKOTA MUNICIPAL LEAGUE, $130.00, Deb SDML Conf.; BANK OF AMERICA, $328.70, envelopes; BANYON DATA SYSTEMS INC., $795.00, Banyon Support/Payroll; BERNATELLO’S PIZZA INC., $346.00, Pizzas; BIG STONE AREA HARDWARE, $19.47; BITUMINOUS PAVING INC., $13,616.53; BORDER STATES INDUSTRIES INC, $245.22, Customer Acct 282; BORDER STATES INDUSTRIES INC., $78.60, Cust Acct. 76089; BRYAN AUSTIN, $400.00; CINTAS CORPORATION, $434.83, Mops/Towels/Mats; CITY OF BIG STONE CITY, $4,274.55 , Parks 20-97-00-0/20-928-00-3; COCA-COLA BOTTLING CO., $217.50, Pop; COESTER LAW OFFICE, $850.00, Monthly Statement; DEB WIIK, $118.68; ELLWEIN BROTHERS INC., $16,786.00, On/off Sale beer 1/2; GRANT COUNTY REVIEW, $67.41, Ordinance Publishing; GRANT ROBERTS RURAL WATER, $13,570.00; GREG GIESE, $155.00; HARRYS FROZEN FOODS, $200.00, Pizzas; HARTMANS SUPERVALU FOODS, $186.05; HEALTH POOL OF SOUTH DAKOTA, $4,733.36, Health Insurance; HERITAGE PRINTING, $72.39, envelopes; IRBY TOOL & SAFETY, $59.96, Testing Electrical Equipment; J.P. COOKE COMPANY, $62.50, dog tags; JAMES JOHNSON, $100.00, Water Heater Rebate; JOHNSON BROTHERS FAMOUS BRANDS, $5,948.68, On Sale; JUAN CASTRO, $75.00, Utility deposit refund; KDIO AM 1350, $540.00, Monthly Advertising; LINDA REIL, $75.00, Apartment deposit refund; LOCATORS & SUPPLIES INC., $371.76, traffic paint; MAC DADDY’S DRIVE IN, $523.87, Electric 1/3 of #1; MAGUIRE IRON INC., $39,900.00, painting water tower; MIDCO BUSINESS, $561.72, Liquor Telephone; MIDWEST IRRIGATION & ELECTRIC, $1,373.24, Ronglien Bldg; MILBANK WINWATER WORKS, $73.23, water sample to public health lab; MISSOURI RIVER ENERGY SERVICES, $1,890.00; NORTHWESTERN ENERGY, $38.83, Gas Bill; ORTONVILLE INDEPENDENT, $458.00, Liquor Store Ads; PAT KAISER, $10.64, 2020 Monthly Planner Reimbursement; PEPSI COLA CO. OF ORTONVILLE, $663.16, Pop; PLUNKETT’S PEST CONTROL., $163.56; PORTER DISTRIBUTING CO., $1,415.50, Off Sale Beer 40%; POSTMASTER, $25.50, Postcard Stamps; POSTMASTER, $25.50, Stamps; PRO IMAGE PARTNERS INC., $606.00, t-shirts; RAILROAD MANAGEMENT CO III LLC, $258.95; RESCO ELECTRIC UTILITY SUPPLY, $894.00; RICHARD’S CARPET CLEANING INC, $110.70; ROGER ANGERHOFER, $75.00, Utility Deposit Refund; RONGLIEN EXCAVATING, INC, $44.27; RUNNINGS FLEET & FARM, $15.98; SD DEPT OF GAME, FISH & PARKS, $349.00, Monthly Billing; SOUTH DAKOTA ONE CALL, $11.20, Locates; SOUTH DAKOTA RETIREMENT SYSTEM, $1,676.00, Streets/Police; SOUTHERN WINE & SPIRITS OF SD, $1,069.80; STURDEVANT AUTO PARTS, $80.92; T & R ELECTRIC INC., $2,130.00; TD&C INC, $298.10, Ice; TIDBITS OF THE LAKE AREA, $260.00; VALLEY OFFICE PRODUCTS, $35.92, mouse pad/mouse; VALLEY SHOPPER, $623.10, Advertising; VERIZON WIRELESS, $173.59, Electric; WESCO RECEIVABLES CORP., $362.13; WIESE ELECTRIC, $85.84; XEROX CORP. COPIER, $48.06; YVONNE HOOSER, $75.00, 951 Colgate Street; RURAL DEVELOPMENT, $4,108.00, Monthly sewer bond payment; INTERNAL REVENUE SERVICE, $2,990.95 , Payroll Taxes; SD CHILD SUPPORT, $353.08 ; DEPARTMENT OF ENERGY, $19,637.49; MISSOURI BASIN MPA - TSA, $10,744.50; MISSOURI BASIN MUNICIPAL /S-1, $20,538.31; PRINCIPAL LIFE, $49.90, Life Insurance; REPUBLIC BEVERAGE COMPANY, $1,606.77; SOUTH DAKOTA DEPT OF REVENUE, $5,488.34, Sales Tax Estimate 9-19; SOUTH DAKOTA DEPT OF REVENUE, $2,110.66, Estimate Liq Tax 9/19; PETTY CASH, $162.68, Liquor Store Petty Cash; TODD SANDBERG, $300.00; POSTMASTER, $123.9, Water Sample; GENERAL FUND 101, $13,848.63, September Payroll; LIQUOR FUND 601, $6,338.63, September Payroll; WATER FUND 602, $2,774.66, September Payroll; ELECTRIC FUND 603, $3,255.30, September Payroll; SEWER FUND 604, $1,731.81, September Payroll
    Motion to pay the presented claims was made by Stecker and seconded by
Redfield.  Voting in favor: Stecker, Redfield, Brown and Hughes. Motion carried.  
    Geven and Kathy Rabe attended the meeting to apply for a transferable variance for Duaine and Cynthia Marxen at property 516 Lake Street. If approved, Rabes will be purchasing the property from Marxens and then building a home with a zero setback from the north and west end. A motion was made by Redfield to approve the transferable variance and seconded by Hughes. All in favor. Motion carried.
    Ron Scheff attended the meeting to inform the council on his plans to buy Jason Elbert’s property located at 601 High Street. Ron plans to clean up the yard and remove the trailer house. He had questions as to how long he has to dig down to shut off the water and sewer. A motion was made by Stecker to give Mr. Scheff 6 months to complete this project and seconded by Hughes. All in favor. Motion carried.
    Councilman Redfield updated the council on cars not adhering to the painted curb for setback parking in front of Buzz’s. Officer Goergen will be handling the matter.   
    Mayor Wiik reported all the proper documentation of ownership to the railroad. We are awaiting their response.
    Mayor Wiik gave an update on the location and delivery of the new police car. The city is looking into cancelling and ordering from another provider.
    Mayor Wiik updated the council on the Chautauqua project. The city is looking into different options for financing.
    The council made a motion to approve leaf burning for October 26, 2019-November 10, 2019.
    Many complaints have been brought to the cities attention about trees growing too close to homes. The issue was turned over to Mr. Coester.
    Chris Rabe wrote a letter to the council stating he wished to exercise the option to renew his lease for renting the city land. A motion was made by Stecker to allow Rabe to farm the land until December 31, 2021 and seconded by Hughes. All in favor. Motion carried.
    Lori Seidell was present representing the ball field to give an update on the project. Seidell informed the council of fundraising she has planned and a Badgers game to happen during the 135th celebration. After discussion, Brown made a motion to allow Ronglien Excavating to start with tiling the infield and seconded by Hughes. In favor, Stecker, Redfield, Brown, and Hughes. Motion carried.
    A motion was made by Stecker to donate $450 to the City of Sisseton for sending their finance officer to help in the office and seconded by Brown. All in favor, Stecker, Redfield, Brown and Hughes. Motion carried. Salaries for Pat and Glenda were reviewed that they are getting $15 an hour.
    A motion was made by Stecker to approve the purchase of a laptop for the finance office seconded by Redfield. All in favor. Motion carried.
    A motion was made by Redfield to purchase Lot 5&6 Block 38 from Kathy Lantis in the amount of $2,000 and seconded by Brown. All in favor, Redfield, Brown and Hughes. Voting against, Stecker. Motion carried.
    A discussion was held on bad checks from the liquor store and putting a sign up about charging on bad checks. The City will be checking into this and discussing when we have more information.
    A motion was made by Hughes to approve Resolution No. 2019-10, Consolidation of Board of Equalization and seconded by Brown. All in favor. Motion carried.
RESOLUTION No. 2019-10
Consolidation of
Board of Equalization
    WHEREAS, SDCL 10-11-68 provides for the option of the consolidation of the local and county boards of equalization, and
    WHEREAS, the City Council of Big Stone City believes the consolidation of the two boards would promote efficiency and equity of the equalization procedures, and
    WHEREAS, the Grant County Board of Commissioners has approved a consolidated board of equalization within the county of Grant for those entities wishing to be a member of a consolidated board.
    THEREFORE, BE IT RESOLVED that there be formed a consolidated board of equalization in accordance with SDCL 10-11-68 for real property within the City of Big Stone City.
    BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED that the consolidated board consists of five members of the Grant County Board of Commissioners the Big Stone City Mayor will sit on this board as designated by SDCL 10-11-68.
    BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED that any per diem or compensation for a member of the consolidated board shall be paid by each member’s own entity.
    Adopted and approved this the 7th day of October 2019.
/s/ Deb Wiik
/s/ Emily Sigler
Finance Officer
    A motion was made by Stecker to make a transfer of cash fund balance to make the on paper deficit gone and seconded by Hughes. All in favor, Brown, Hughes, Redfield, and Stecker. Motion carried.
    Being no further business a motion to adjourn the meeting was made by Hughes and seconded by Redfield.  Motion carried.
/s/ Deb Wiik, Mayor
/s/ Emily Sigler
Finance Officer


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