City of Big Stone City Council Proceedings • December 7, 2020

City of Big Stone City Council Proceedings


December 7, 2020
5:30 p.m.
The Big Stone City council met in regular session on Monday, December 7th, 2020. Meeting began at 5:30 p.m. with Mayor Wiik presiding. Roll Call: Roscoe, Athey, Redfield, Brown and Longhenry present. Others present George Boos, Bob Athey, Bob, Maria Loughlin, Anne Lester, Chris Brozik, Julie Enstad, Brad Stoddard, Chris Folk, Kristin Roe and Ashley Stoel. 
The Pledge of Allegiance and the South Dakota State Pledge were recited.  Motion to accept the minutes from the November 2nd  meeting was made by Redfield and seconded by Longhenry. All in favor, motion carried.
The following claims were presented for payment:
Bank of America, $267.29; Banyon, $129.00; Bernatello’s Foods, $83.00; Bituminous, $10,380.00; BOLLIG Inc., $345.00; Brewster Building Center Inc., $28.43; BSC- Fire Dept., $3,600.00; BSC- Fire Dept., $1,830.00; CHS, $448.57; Cintas, $118.71; Cintas, $158.06; Cintas, $118.71; Cintas, $158.06; City of Big Stone, $1,600; City of Big Stone, $4,501.18; Coca-Cola Bottling Company, $123.00; Coester Schwandt Law office, $1,500.00; Corporate Warehouse Supply, $519.80; Dakota Supply Group, $5,540.24; Ellwein Brothers Inc., $3,645.95; Ellwein Brothers Inc., $3,261.85; Ellwein Brothers Inc., $2,814.70; Ferguson Enterprises LLC, $68.34; Ferguson Waterworks, $63.90; Grant County Auditor, $7,500.00; Grant County Review, $562.57; Grant Roberts Rural Water, $8,377.00; Hardware Hank, $150.25; Harry’s Frozen Food, $191.75; Harry’s Frozen Food, $339.50; Hartman’s Super Value, $84.97; Health Pool of SD, $4,988.97; Henry Gimmestad, $400.00; Infotech, $385.00; Johnson Brothers of SD, $1,824.08; Johnson Brothers of SD, $226.00; Johnson Brothers of SD, $2,003.69; Julie Wiese, $200.00; KDIO, $200.00; Mac Daddy’s, $286.67; Midco, $83.00; MIDCO, $36.63; Midco, $474.59; Milbank Ford, $193.71; Missouri River, $2,256.00; Nelson Electric, $406.10; Nelson Electric, $229.59; Nelson Electric, $1,197.91; Northwestern Energy, $91.49; Ortonville Independent, $224.00; Plunketts, $81.78; Porter Distribution, $179.45; Porter Distribution, $276.25; Porter Distribution, $102.80; Porter Distribution, $194.75; Porter Distribution, $90.55; Postmaster, $26.35; Postmaster, $26.35; Postmaster, $124.60; Quill, $50.64; Resco, $7,018.50; Riteway, $138.00; Ronglien Excavating, Inc., $2,968.20; Runnings, $155.44; SD Dep. GFP, $25.00; SD Dep. GFP, $115.00; SD Dep. Of Transportation, $285.97; SD gove+A1:A31rnmental finance officers, $40.00; SD governmental human services, $25.00; SD Municipal Electric Association, $895.00; SD Municipal League, $626.66; SD one call, $12.32; SD Retirement system, $2,291.48; SD Water & Waste Association, $10.00; Secretary of State, $30.00; Stolpman Insurance, $50.00 
Sturdevants Auto, $392.97; The Valley Shopper, $539.40; Twin Valley Tires, $33.50; Valley Grain Co. Trucking, $6,929.55; Verizon, $140.48; Wesco, $49.50; Wesco, $30,896.88; Wesco, $63.00; Xerox, $31.73; Xerox, $32.77; Dept. of Energy, $15,492.57; Farner Brocken, $1,036.84; IRS, $2,856.93; IRS, $2,498.81; Missouri Basin MPA/S-1, $15,064.31; Missouri River MPA/TSA, $9,414.00; Republic National, $860.55; Republic National , $519.60; Republic National, $597.05; SD Dept of Revenue, $23.74; Southern Glazer’s, $1,235.35; Waste Management, $4,233.56  
General Fund 101, $13,368.26, November Payroll
Liquor Fund 601, $11,550.63, November Payroll
Water Fund 602, $2,550.44, November Payroll
Electric Fund 603, $5,392.84, November Payroll
Sewer Fund 604, $1,999.37, November Payroll
Motion to pay the presented claims was made by Brown and seconded by Athey. All in favor. Motion carried. 
Sheriff Owen submitted the following report, December Sheriff’s Office Report:  Hours: 90 hours. Subject to call 24 hours per day. Written citations: 2. Written warnings: 8. One suspicious person complaint, two traffic complaints, felony fraud investigation resulting in an arrest. 
A brief public discussion was brought up by Brad Stoddard to address the council about snow removal off Hwy 12 and blocking his driveway. The city informed him the issue would be communicated to prevent any future issues.
A Bridge inspection report was presented by Chris Brozik from Civil Design. Bridge inspection is required by the state and now requiring review to council the report. Nothing drastically has changed from the last inspection; the bridge is in rough shape and deteriorating. There are plans for future replacements. It will continue to be inspected yearly. Longhenry questioned the estimated life of the structure. Based on the inspection if the deterioration progresses like it has Brozik estimates the life of the structure  should be at least 5 more years, deteriorating rate is hard to determine.
A motion was proposed by Athey to appoint Brad Stoddard for the remaining time of Stecker’s term. In favor; Roscoe, Athey, Redfield, and Brown. Oppose: Longhenry. 
Oath of Office was administrated by city attorney George Boos to Brad Stoddard for council.
Little Lions followed up on options to work with the city on getting a location for the day care. Mayor Wiik visited with the municipal league about suggestions on potential grants for the school’s daycare. Further follow up is needed to seek out what those options may be. 
Marijuana license was addressed with questions of will the city have licensing. George Boos states there are no laws and regulations or guidance until the legislation meets in January or until the end of legislation session, in March, before they do anything.
A motion to approve liquor license renewal to the Municipal, Grocery Basket and Big Rock was made by Redfield and seconded by Athey. All in favor, motion carried.
Mayor Wiik addressed council about further meeting for Supplemental Appropriations Ordinance for December 23, at 5:00 pm. 
Year-end meeting to approve final bills for 2020 was set for December 30th at 5:00pm. 
Being no further business a motion to adjourn the meeting was made and brought to executive session by Mayor Wiik.
/s/ Deb Wiik, Mayor
/s/ Maria Loughlin
Finance Officer


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