Each year the Summit School District Title Department surveys the students, staff and parents about the environment of the Summit School District.  The results of the 2019-2020 Title survey were discussed at the December 11, 2019 school board meeting and are published below.
The elementary students said in the survey that they know about school safety.  They understand learning goals and what good work looks like.  They feel that learning is fun, they are safe and they belong.  The teachers are helpful.  Elementary students do well with school work and know that there are people that they can go to when they need help.  The students have opportunities to participate in after school programs.  Elementary students feel all cultures are honored.  The students feel that the school and parents work together to support their success.  There is no school counselor for elementary students to talk to when they need a counselor.
The high school students surveyed agreed that the principal communicates consistent expectations and routines that promote safety.  Students are engaged in learning.  The high school students understand what quality work looks like.  Students agree they are learning purposeful and relevant material and they feel safe.  The high school students believe they are valued members of the school community.  They feel that teachers support their learning and that assignments are appropriate.  Students have set goals for future success.  There are strong ties between school and parents to support success.  All cultures are honored at school.  Of the students surveyed, 53 have internet access at home and ten do not.
The Summit School Staff said the school’s schedule allows time for teacher collaboration.  The staff takes pride in the appearance of the school.  The school staff feels safe on the school grounds and that students also feel safe.  Students are respectful of their teachers.  Staff feels that students respect each other’s difference and embrace diversity.  
Parents are actively involved in the school and are made to feel welcome.  Parents know what is going on, care how their child performs and are aware of expectations.  They also feel administration communicates effectively with others from diverse backgrounds and encourage students to get involved.
If there are questions about the survey, please contact Mike Schmidt at 605-398-6211 or mike.schmidt@ k12.sd.us.


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