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St. Martins’ Recycling Habit Creates Living Space

With a passion for maintaining the authenticity of original elements, Beth and Mark St. Martin began renovating the upper level of the north Street Graphex building about one year ago. The couple, along with an army of friends, family and professional contractors, have nearly completed the task and are looking forward to starting the renovation of the adjoining space.

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Many Grant County residents have honorably served our nation in the military, but their stories often go untold. A Milbank native who wishes to remain anonymous is working to change that.

The individual has donated more than 20 plaques recognizing and honoring area veterans. The plaques are on display at the Milbank Visitor Center and detail the veterans' service records.

The latest veteran to be recognized is Jason Kettwig of Milbank. Kettwig who has served 22 years in the military. The plaque was presented by Boyd VanVooren, Milbank police chief, Friday, August 25, in the Milbank Visitor Center. The plaque will be on display in the center.

“The individual who has made these plaques has great pride and dedication to honoring those who have fought for our country,” said VanVooren. “If you haven’t already, please go take a look at the plaques displayed in the visitor center.”

As originally appeared in the Grant County Review in August 2017

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