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Milbank Grad Alexis Monson Bringing Back Handwritten Notes

If you have ever received a handwritten letter from someone you love, you know how awesome it feels. It breaches the emotions in a way that canít be reproduced with a text message or email. Every pen stroke and every fiber of the card carries a deeper level of sentiment and emotion than can be captured in any amount of pixels displayed on an electronic screen.

Alexis Monson, a 2001 graduate of Milbank High School and the daughter of Chuck and Sherry Monson, former Milbank residents, might understand the value of sending a handwritten letter better than most. Monson started PunkPost, an online boutique card store, with her husband Santiago Prieto in 2015. The company specializes in sending personalized handwritten cards through an app that allows users to type out messages and have a professional scriptist transcribe them on custom printed cards to be sent anywhere that receives mail.

The old soldier monument which is now located by the courthouse was originally placed near downtown Milbank. Note the Review printing office building in the background. Editor Volkmar built away from Main Street after a fire in 1900 destroyed the building he constructed when he first moved to Milbank. His new building was located just north of the present day courthouse in Milbank, and today the lot it stood on is a Wells Fargo parking area. The picture was taken in 1904.

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